Geo Dept 83 Wat Happened 2 Compilations/Soundtracks?

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  • I Can't Call it (prod. De La Soul)
    De La Soul (Amityville NY)
    High School High Soundtrack (1996)
  • I'm N Motion (prod. Khayree)
    Mac Dre (Vallejo CA)
    Young Black Brotha (1993)
  • Zooms Zooms and Wam Wam (prod. Jam Master Jay, Tony "T-Funk" Pearyer)
    Jayo Felony (San Diego CA)
    The Show Soundtrack (1995)
  • Reason for Rhyme (prod. Crazy C)
    8ball & MJG (Memphis TN)
    Rhyme & Reason Soundtrack (1997)
  • Main Aim (prod. Nick Wiz)
    Cella Dwellas (Brooklyn NY)
    Soul in the Hole Soundtrack (1997)
  • You Know my Steez (prod. DJ Premier)
    Gangstarr (Houston TX/Boston MA)
    Moment of Truth (1998)
  • Shadowboxin' (prod. RZA)
    Genius/GZA (Brooklyn NY) feat. Method Man (Staten Island NY)
    Liquid Swords (1995)
  • Against the Grain (prod. DJ Premier)
    Sauce Money (Brooklyn NY)
    Soul in the Hole Soundtrack (1997)
  • The Ultimate (prod. Baby Paul)
    Artifacts (Newark NJ)
    High School High Soundtrack (1996)
  • Protect ya Neck II The Zoo (prod. RZA)
    Ol' Dirty Bastard (Brooklyn NY) feat. Budda Monk (Brooklyn NY), Prodigal Sunn (Brooklyn NY), Zu Keeper (Brooklyn NY), Murduc (Brooklyn NY), Killah Priest (Brooklyn NY), 12 O'Clock (Brooklyn NY), Shorty Shitstain (Brooklyn NY), 60 Second Assassin (Brooklyn NY)
    Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version (1995)
  • Tragedy (prod. True Master)
    RZA (Staten Island NY)
    Rhyme & Reason Soundtrack (1997)
  • Wu-Wear: The Garment Renaissance (prod. RZA)
    RZA (Staten Island NY) feat. Method Man (Staten Island NY), Cappadonna (Staten Island NY)
    High School High Soundtrack (1996)
  • The Next Stop (prod. Dante Ross, Grand Puba, Sadat X)
    Sadat X (The Bronx NY) & Grand Puba (New Rochelle NY)
    High School High Soundtrack (1996)
  • Brooklyn Hard Rock (prod. Thirstin Howl
    Thirstin Howl III (Brooklyn NY)
    Soundbombing 2 Compilation (1999)
  • Wild Hot (prod. The Ummah)
    A Tribe Called Quest (Brooklyn/Queens NY) feat. Busta Rhymes (Brooklyn NY)
    Rhyme & Reason Soundtrack (1997)
  • Kombat the Enemy (prod. Destruckto, Sunspot Jonz)
    Sunspot Jonz (Oakland CA) feat. The Grouch (Oakland CA), Eligh (Los Angeles CA)
    Child Ov the Storm (2000)

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