Geo Dept. 42 FaceSpace Request Vol. 3

Written by on February 6, 2017






  • Who's Gonna Take the Weight (produced by DJ Premiere)
    Gangstarr (Boston MA/Houston TX)
    Step in the Arena (1991)
  • Tuyết yêu thương (produced by Young Uno)
    Young Uno (Hanoi VIETNAM)
    Nhạc Teen 8x, 9x (2016)
  • JUMP (produced by Soundtrakk)
    Lupe Fiasco (Chicago IL) feat. Gizzle (Los Angeles CA)
    Drogas Light (2017)
  • What the Price (produced by 808Godz, Keanu Beats, Ricky Racks)
    Migos (Lawrenceville GA)
    Culture (2017)
  • Good as Hell (produced by Reed)
    Lizzo (Minneapolis MN)
    Coconut Oil EP (2016)
  • The Number One (produced by Ant)
    Atmosphere (Minneapolis MN)
    Sad Clown Bad Summer 9 EP (2007)
  • Gården (produced by ?)
    Parham (Stockholm SWEEDEN)
    single (2016)
  • New Phone {Who Dis} (produced by Noah Breakfast)
    Cakes Da Killa (Englewood NJ)
    Hedonism (2016)
  • The Real Slim Shady (produced by Dr. Dre, Mel Man)
    Eminem (Detroit MI)
    The Marshall Mathers LP (1999)
  • Gubben I Lådan (produced by Daniel Adams Ray)
    Daniel Adams Ray (Lidingö SWEEDEN)
    Svart, vitt och allt däremellan (2010)
  • You Can't Play with my Yo Yo (produced by Ice Cube, Sir Jinx)
    Yo Yo (Compton CA) feat. Ice Cube (Inglewood CA)
    Make Way for the Motherload (1991)
  • Fight the Power (produced by The Bomb Squad)
    Public Enemy (Roosevelt NY)
    Fear of a Black Planet (1991)
  • Ambitionz az a Ridah (produced by Daz Dillinger)
    2pac (New York NY/Baltimore MD/Marin City CA)
    All Eyez on me (1996)
  • Southern Hospitality (produced by The Neptunes)
    Ludacris (Atlanta GA)
    Back for the First Time (2000)

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