Geo Dept 126: Hip Hop Magic n Breakbeats

Written by on July 12, 2018

first half of show get down with some hip hop rhyming. Second half play songs that influenced break dancers/scratching thus contributing to the creation of hip hop.





  • Loose Cannon (prod. Sunspot Jonz)
    Living Legends (Oakland CA/Los Angeles CA)
    Angelz W.I.T. Dirty Faces (2000)
  • TimeSpace (prod. Tribe Mars)
    Tribe Mars (? CA/Portland OR)
    Tribe Mars (2018)
  • Beef (prod. Frank Nitty)
    Chubb Rock (Brooklyn NY) feat. Das EFX (Brooklyn NY/Teaneck NJ), PMD (Brentwood NY)
    The Mind (1997)
  • Rappin' Black (prod. Tony D)
    Poor Righteous Teachers (Trenton NJ)
    Pure Poverty (1991)
  • Keep Ya Head (prod. Chazz Abyss)
    The B.L.U.N.T.E.D. Crew
    The Triangle (1999)
  • Is It? (prod. ?)
    Hodge Podge (Detroit MI)
    Earcandy (1998)
  • The Theme (prod. D-Dot, Ron "Amen-Ra" Lawrence)
    Tracey Lee (Buffalo NY/Philadelphia PA)
    Many Facez (1997)
  • Stress (prod. Buckwild)
    Organized Konfusion (Queens NY)
    Stress: The Extinction Agenda (1994)
  • The Mexican (prod. Alan Shacklock, Nick Mobbs)
    Babe Ruth (Hatfield ENGLAND)
    First Base (1972)
  • The Big Beat (prod. Billy Squire, Eddy Offord)
    Billy Squire (Wellesley MA)
    The Tale of the Tape (1980)
  • Super Sporm (prod. Captain Sky)
    Captain Sky (Chicago IL)
    The Adventures Of Captain Sky (1978)
  • Do You Like It (prod. Trade Martin)
    B.T. Express (Brooklyn NY)
    Do It <'Til Your Satisfied> (1974)
  • Give it To Me Baby (prod. Rick James)
    Rick James (Buffalo NY)
    Street Songs (1981)
  • Dance to the Drummer's Beat (prod. Herman Kelly)
    Herman Kelly & Life (Miami FL)
    single (1978)

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