Geo Dept 124: Impromtu vol3 and some yakkin

Written by on July 11, 2018

Did some talking about office life, bike life, workouts, losing my Ray Ban glasses doing SUP, the 2 PARTY SYSTEM of USA, Violence in music videos, short term memory of modern world, benefits of early morning wake ups, conspiracies around gangsta rap+sports+alcohol, and non violence/violence against women and more streams of thought. Violence especially in MEXICO. Stop the killing ! I played some requests, songs about anti violence to women song from Republic of Georgia, 1930s anti lynching of African Americans in the USA song, and Mexico City area female rapper anti violence track which was elusive to play live…

Dayra Fyah also runs a women self defense course in Mexico and rapper/mother!





  • Without Me (prod. Eminem, Jeff Bass, DJ Head)
    Eminem (Columbia MO/Detroit MI)
    The Eminem Show (2002)
  • 24K Magic (prod. Shampoo Press & Curl, The Stereotypes)
    Bruno Mars (Honolulu HI)
    24K Magic (2016)
  • Burn (prod. Emanuel Dean)
    The Militia (Oakland CA/Stockton CA/Detroit MI)
    The Militia (1997)
  • Violence against Women (UN Women Project)
    Salome Korkotashvili (Tbilisi GEORGIA)
    SHiEld Campaign (2012)
  • Strange Fruit (Billie Holiday and her Orchestra)
    Billie Holiday (New York NY)
    single (1939)
  • Quisiera (prod. Golpe el Ronin)
    Dayrah Fyah (Ecatepec MEXICO)
    Mezcla por 2Phase (2012)

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