Geo Dept 123: boom boom bap Impromptu Vol. 2

Written by on July 8, 2018

Just played some Jams. Some good beats, some of the early social hip hop songs ever from early 1980s from Brother D, Sweet T, and Toddy T, and some gang peace tracks by Ice Cube and Kam featuring more, and more magic squeezed in there from Kool Keith, Gravediggaz, E-40 and more.

When a ? comes up next to an artist on my show, that means that through my research I could not find where the artist is from. This is the geography department and the original intention of the show is to always try to provide that information the best I can where the artist grew up before age 18. Because I believe that geography and where an artist is from has a major connection to the music they made, especially in the hip hop genre. Without talking to the artist or families I can truly never know exact details.





  • It's Over Now (prod. Dan The Automator)
    Dan the Automator (San Francisco CA) feat. Kool Keith (The Bronx NY)
    A Much Better Tomorrow (2000)
  • Story of Me (prod. KIC Beats)
    Masta Ace (Brooklyn NY) feat. Denez Prignet (Sanetec FRANCE), Pearl Gates (?)
    The Falling Season (2016)
  • 2 Cups of Blood (prod. Prince Paul)
    Gravediggaz (Staten Island NY/Amityville NY/Wyandanch NY/New York NY)
    6 Feet Deep (1994)
  • Sucker DJs (prod. Marley Marl)
    Dimples D (?)
    single (1983)
  • Batterram (prod. Leon Haywood)
    Toddy Tee (Los Angeles CA)
    single (1985)
  • Once Upon a Time In The Projects (prod. Sir Jinx, Bomb Squad)
    Ice Cube (Inglewood CA)
    AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted (1990)
  • Color Blind (prod. DJ Pooh, Bobcat, Rashaad)
    Ice Cube (Inglewood CA) feat. Deadly Threat (Los Angeles CA), J Dee (Los Angeles CA) , Kam (Willowbrook CA), King Tee (Compton CA) , WC (Westmont CA), Coolio (Compton CA)
    Death Certificate (1991)
  • Peace Treaty (prod. Chris Charity, Derek Lynch)
    Kam (Willowbrook CA)
    single (1992)
  • Choices (prod. Poly Boy)
    E-40 (Vallejo CA)
    Sharp on All 4 Corners: Corner 1 (2014)
  • How We Gonna Make the Black Nation Rise (prod. Locksley Grant, Pierre Brook)
    Brother D (?) feat. Collective Effort (?)
    single (1980)
  • Vicious Rap (prod. Ninny)
    Tanya "Sweet Tee" Winley (New York NY)
    single (1980)

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