Geo Dept 117: Beats, Rhymes, and Sly from talk shop 3rd appearance

Written by on June 14, 2018

Sly from the comes thru with his 3rd appearance talking about topics ranging from UFC, World Cup, Soccer, RIP Anthony Bourdain (one of my personal heroes),  Golden State Warriors, North Korea, The Media (4th branch), and the president.

Plus I open the show with 4 hip hop tracks that been in my YouTube view history lately and end it with a Beautiful Disaster.

First minute or so I tried to surprise Sly on calling and putting him on the air like he did to me a couple days ago on his podcast but it didn’t work out.

Just a reminder, to the best of my research (because the real personal story is occasionally unknown or much more complicated). Nevertheless, I always put the city, state/country where each artist (or collectively as a band/group) is from (where they lived under age 18) on all my shows hence the Geography. Because where a person is from and has lived as a kid effects and influences a persons worldview which is heard in the music. Even in this increasingly globalized world. It still matters. If there is a ? in this section, it is unknown, help me out if you know.

Also to the best of my research the producer of each song is listed and album/single for year it was released.

When it says New York, NY that always means Manhattan NY which is the official postal assignment for the borough. The other boroughs are labeled. Any country outside the USA is always in CAPITAL letters.







  • 1nce Again (prod. The Ummah)
    A Tribe Called Quest (Queens NY/Brooklyn NY) feat. Tammy Lucas (New York, NY)
    Beats, Rhymes, and Life (1996)
  • Nobody Else (prod. Kato)
    Futuristic (Bloomington IL/Tempe AZ)
    Nobody Else (2018)
  • Don't Spoil It (prod. The Czar-Keys, Belal Butt)
    Czarface (Boston MA/The Bronx NY) & MF Doom (London ENGLAND/Long Beach NY)
    Czarface Meets Metal Face (2018)
  • G Lollipops (prod. Michael "Seven" Summers)
    MURS (Los Angeles CA) feat. Prof (Minneapolis MN), Fashawn (Fresno CA)
    A Strange Journey Into the Unimaginable (2018)
  • Beautiful Disaster (prod. Scotch Ralston)
    311 (Omaha NE)
    Transistor (1997)

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