Geo Dept 116: The Special Guest DJ a KPSU original back to the studio EP1

Written by on June 8, 2018

We talk, play some vocalese jazz, Cuban music, some Filmore San Francisco music and more.

The Special guest, he was a graduate student at PSU in the mid 90s had a show in the early days of KPSU!

*Etta James grew up in South Los Angeles CA then Fillmore San Francisco CA not Oakland CA.

*Rappin’ 4 Tay is from Fillmore San Francisco not Hunters Point San Francisco CA





  • Moanin' (prod. Irving Townsend, Teo Macero))
    Lambert, Hendricks & Ross! (New York NY)
    The Hottest New Group In Jazz (1960)
  • Moody's Mood for Love (prod. Teacho and Band)
    King Pleasure (Oakdale TN)
    Presitge 924 Single (1952)
  • Afro Blue (prod. Mango Santamaria)
    Oscar Brown Jr. (Chicago IL)
    Sin & Soul (1960)
  • Twisted (prod. Wardell Grey)
    Annie Ross (London ENGLAND)
    Annie Ross Sings (1953)
  • This Here {Dis Hyunh} (prod. Irving Townsend, Teo Macero)
    Lambert, Hendricks & Ross! (New York NY)
    The Hottest New Group In Jazz (1960)
  • A Sunday Kinda Love (prod. ?)
    Etta James (Los Angeles CA/San Francisco CA)
    single (1960)
  • La Vida Es Un Carnaval (prod. Isidro Infante)
    Celia Cruz (Havana CUBA)
    Mi Vida Es Cantar (1998)
  • Trombón Criollo (prod. Cachao Y Su Ritmo Caliente)
    Cachao Y Su Ritmo Caliente (Havana CUBA)
    Cuban Jam Sessions In Miniature Descargas (1957)
  • Mambo Rapidito (prod. Orquesta Akokán)
    Orquesta Akokán (Havana CUBA)
    Orquesta Akokán (2018)
  • Hella Records (prod. Brycon)
    Equipto (San Francisco CA) & Brycon (San Francisco CA)
    The Watershed (2018)
  • As Long As I've Got You (prod. Issac Hayes)
    The Charmells (Memphis TN)
    single (1967)
  • I'll Be Around (Cyrus Esteban, Franky J)
    Rappin' 4 Tay (San Francisco CA) feat. The Spinners (Detroit MI)
    Don't Fight the Feelin' (1994)

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