White Out 2017 – KPSU Review and Interview with Organizer Eric Steindler

Written by DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) on April 3, 2017

White Out is a Portland favorite Burning Man Community tradition and is a fundraiser for the Portland based Black Rock Boutique! It’s an all night event focused on electronic music including bass, funk, house, trap and other art forms close to these genres and is Burning Man centric.

Attendees have an opportunity to deck themselves out in all white garb donated by Black Rock Boutique. White Out is outfitted with UV black lights throughout their dance spaces, illuminating the sea of white and fluorescent accents. It’s a night of inclusion fostering free expression of self and empowerment of friends/family through unconditional acceptance.

Music included a lineup of (mostly) local Portland dance music loves and legends including Manoj, Solovox, Mario Maroto, Mienne, Dar, Mr. Wu, Guttstar, Nara, Mr. Moo, Global Ruckus, Diablo, Fireshaker, and Mr. Serious. Check out their music and even some of their sets from White Out 2017 at the links above!

KPSU’s Learning to Grow with DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) had a chance to sit down with Eric Steindler of Black Rock Boutique and key organizer of White Out¬†.

We had a chance to discuss about what Black Rock Boutique is, how it came to be and their mission at Burning Man. Black Rock Boutique specializes in handing out free clothing at The Playa each year! We also discussed the evolution of Portland’s dance music scene and Eric’s formative years and early Burner experiences.

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