Vote for Dancing – New Years Eve City Music Festival

Written by DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) on December 27, 2016


New Years. A time to reflect on the year’s Lessons and Growth. This year, Beloved Festival and Inspire Truth presents the first ever Vote for Dancing New Year’s Eve-festival to be held on December 30 to January 1 at The Roseland Theatre in downtown Portland. This mini city music festival features both art and music including The Polish Ambassador, Beats Antique and many more.

Be sure to tune in to for two featured pre-Vote For Dancing radio interviews and music on Learning to Grow with DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) featuring the founder of Beloved Festival and Vote For Dancing, Elliot Rasenick, and Folktronica artist, Ayla Nereo!

After a difficult political year in the US, Vote for Dancing is a chance to vote for what you believe in with your actions.  Dance is one of humans’ most primal and instinctual forms of communication. Over millennia the tradition and practice of dancing has survived and evolved as a means for humans to celebrate and worship the spirits who which we are connected, and to form deeper connections with our family and greater community.

Vote for Dancing is…

  • A dance party, a playful celebration of a new year of engagement.
  • A call to reach for depth, to transform ourselves and our world.
  • A contemplation on showing up fully for life and finding what makes us most alive.
  • A commitment to do our part to offer healing, to the world and those around us.

Beloved Festival and Inspire Truth (the former iteration of Vote for Dancing) are known for curating a space which values unconditional love, acceptance, mindfulness, kindness, creativity, spirituality, and overall honest/radical expression of self-identity. It’s a place and space where one can truly be them-self without fear of rejection, persecution or judgment. Love reigns supreme at Vote for Dancing.

New Years Eve is currently sold out although there are still limited tickets available for Friday evening 12/30 for the first night of Vote for Dancing with Beats Antique, have a quiet New Year’s Eve at home, then reunite for a day of community renewal with Ayla NereoMichael Meade Mosaic Voices, and more on New Year’s Day.

KPSU has put in their VOTE we vote for DANCING!

Learn more about Vote for Dancing at their Website // Facebook // Buy Tickets here






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