Top 10 KPSU Shows of January 2017

Written by Joe on February 2, 2017

KPSU is proud to be Portland’s freeform college radio station with a diverse range of shows to either tune in live or stream later. Here are KPSU’s Top 10 Shows of January 2017 compiled by total audience (page hits, download/stream count, and third party streaming):

1 // PlayCast: PlayCast 005 – Jan 19

This episode was created as a tie-in to the Oliver Heldens tourstop on January 12th at 45 East Nightclub, hosted by Play > Saturdays. The full episode is now up on Soundcloud as a re-run.

2 // Learning to Grow: A Night ‘With You’ – Gangsigns EP Release Special – Jan 4

Gangsigns, PDX local Jersey Club/ Trap Producer and DJ, returned to Learning to Grow with DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) last night for a special EP listening and release party!

3 // Big Things: big things episode 29: Longclaw – Jan 21

In this episode of big things local pdx band Longclaw came on for an in-studio performance! After the performance hosts mason mimi and odp interviewed the members of the band…

4 // All the Singles, Ladies: An Interview with Chris Whitehall // The Griswolds – Jan 16

Chris Whitehall of The Griswolds called in to KPSU for a chat on “All the Singles, Ladies”. Chris and I focused on their new album High Times for Low Lives, and their upcoming tour with Dreamers on the “Low Lives Tour.”

5 // Nico At Night: dB Nation Live Discussion and Interview with the dB Team | 4.2 – Jan 5

In this Nico at Night takeover we had the the dB nation team and founder came in to talk about what they represent in the music industry as a production company as well as what they feel like they can change in the industry and music production realm.

6 // Six Degrees of Rockination: Six Degrees of Rockination Podcast, 7 January 2017 – Jan 7


7 // Mars Melted: MM68 – Highwaychile – Jan 5

Turn off your mind, relax, and float down stream. Trip out on a new year here on Mars Melted! Episode 68 features tracks from The Doors, Nancy Sinatra, The Limiñanas and many more!

8 // Box of Chocolates: Mind Toilet Flushed – Jan 9

…this episode is a recurring show concept I have been referring to as “Clearing the Cache”, which is what it is, and what essentially the act of flushing the mind toilet.

9 // The Road to Nowhere: Episode 10: Radicalize Me, Daddy! – Jan 22

We made it to our tenth episode, everybody! Time to get REAL. The first half of our show is dedicated to leather-bound, cigar-chomping daddies everywhere: we love you! The second half is all for one very special daddy: Papa Karl.

10 // Shades of Green: Borrowing from a Stranger Friend – Jan 8

Borrowing from a Stranger Friend  What the hell does that phrase even mean. Well in itself, by itself, with no accompanying context, it essentially means nothing. Nothing other than something was borrowed that is, from someone other than the self.





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