Tales with Darin – Imagine Festival Founder – Imagine Festival 2019

Written by DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) on September 3, 2019

Imagine. What comes to mind? Imagine a world… This is the inspiration behind Imagine Festival held annually on Orcas Island. Founded by Darin Leong, tune in to this very special episode of Learning to Grow with DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) to learn all about Darin’s annual gathering called Imagine.

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Darin shared stories from his early years in the event curation and music industry. He generously shared some personal stories from the heart about his motivations to hold Imagine Festival, and the meaning behind the name. Delving deep into his inner-belief in the dance community, Darin shares his experiences that have shaped and melded Imagine Festival.

Imagine Festival will be returning to Doe Bay Resort on Orca’s island for the fifth year this September 12th-15th. Imagine is a music, dance, and art festival curated to foster inter-personal connection, personal growth, and community. Featuring music from all corners of the world and celebrating the human life Imagine is known for striking the perfect balance between music, dance, more low-key spaces that foster conversation and connection.

Don’t forget to Keep on Growing out There!

Learn more about Imagine Festival at their Website // Facebook // Instagram





  • Distorted Reality
    Phuture Primitive
  • Jani Habibi (Ft. Joelle Sahar)
  • Love
    Youssoupha Sidibe
  • Emergence
  • Nature of Time (Ft. Lydia Violet)
  • She Moves Like Water
    Smokey Sparrow
  • Slips Away (Ft. Goopsteppa + Kat Factor)
    The Human Experience
  • The Shifting
    Climbing Poe Tree
  • Destiny
  • Regulate The Deep
    Michael Mannahan
  • Forest Step
    Medicine Fox
  • Famous (Ft. Cassandra Violet)
    Manatee Commune
  • Last Nomad

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