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The Davis Sisters

Mimi Roman

Mimi Roman


Goldie Hill

Viking Twang Show 97, August 10, 2016
Good morning, welcome to Viking Twang Episode 95. About a week ago, I posted a video on the Viking Twang Facebook page called “Cutest Country Chicks.” Not the most enlightened name, but it had short performances of twelve women country and rockabilly singers. I tried to recreate for this week’s show, but couldn’t find all the songs.

Instead, I came across am album called “Girls of Rockabilly” – again, not so enlightened, but lots of great music. So we’re going to turn today’s whole show over to these rocking women. We’ll start with Mimi Roman, who has some advice:

1 – Turkey Red, W.C. Beck & the Portland Country Underground.
2 – Wrap It Up And Save It; Mimi Roman. Mimi was a Central California girl who became famous both as a singer and rodeo performer. This was her second single, from 1956.
3 – Kiss Me Baby; Laura Lee Perkins. This West Virginia singer and piano player recorded just a couple of records in 1958.
4 – Blue Doll, Anita Carter. The youngest of the Carter Sisters recorded this in 1957.
5 — It’s Here to Stay; Goldie Hill. This Texas singer had a big hit with “I Let the Stars Get In My Eyes” in 1952. This song is from 1959.
6 — Sad Singing and Slow Riding; Jean Shepard. One of the big country stars of the 50s and 60s and the widow of Hankshaw Hawkins. This is from 1955.
7 – You’re Gone; The Davis Sisters. Betty Jack and Skeeter Davis were best friends rather than sisters. They recorded in 1952 and had a fledgling career until Betty Jack was killed in a wreck while returning from a gig.
8 – (He Said Yeah) Baby, You’re The One; Nita, Rita, & Ruby. This is Anita Carter as part of a shortlived pop group put together in 1955 by RCA, with Rita Robbins, who had a short career, and Ruby Wright, daughter of Kitty Wells and Johnny Wright.
9 – Blue Moon of Kentucky; Roberta Sherwood. She was 43 years old when she recorded her first single in 1956. She later was an actress on I Love Lucy and even the Incredible Hulk. Don’t have a date for when she recorded this.

That first set hopped right along; now we’re going to slow down a bit. Janis Martin’s guitar has something in its eye.

10 – Cry Guitar; Janis Martin. We all know her as the Female Elvis; she recorded this in 1961.
11 – One Step Closer to You; Margie Singleton. Margie was a Louisiana singer who wrote and recorded this song, her first recording, in 1957.
12 – According to Law; Carol S. Johnson.
13 – I Won’t Be Rockin’ Tonight; Jean Chapel. Chapel was a singer and songwriter at Sun Records, where this song became the flip side in 1956 to Elvis’s single, Any Way You Want Me (That’s How I Will Be).
14 – The DJ With The Broken Heart; Carol Jarvis.

We get into the home stretch: Martha Lynn has a plan:

15 — I’m Goin’ Huntin’ Tonight; Martha Lynn. A Texas singer who recorded this in 1956.
16 – Better Than Walking Home; Joyce Moore.
17 – Teardrops On My Pillow; Sunny Gale. Sunny was a Philadelphia singer who had a number of hits in the early 50s. This is one of her first, from 1953.
18 – Hello Baby; Charline Arthur. Charline was a Texas singer who had great songs but a strong will, which caused her trouble in the record industry, especially with her producer, Chet Atkins. This is from 1957.
19 – When Jimmy Comes Home; Sandy Selsie. Sandy was a singer from Ontario who had a hit with this song in November, 1963.
20 – Daddy-O; Bonnie Lou. This was a Cincinnati singer; this song got to number 14 in 1955.
21 – Back Street Affair; Priscilla Mitchell & Roy Drusky. Priscilla was Jerry Reed’s wife. She recorded this song, which was a hit by Conway Twitty and Webb Pierce, with Drusky in 1965.
22 – Take Me Back Again; Rose Maddox. Rose recorded this in 1962.
23 – Heartaches Meet Mr. Blues; Loretta Lynn. Loretta’s second single, from 1960.
24 – Twang Theme; The Countrypolitans





  • Turkey Red
    W.C. Beck & the Portland Country Underground
  • Wrap It Up And Save It
    Mimi Roman
    Rockability Insanity
  • Kiss Me Baby
    Laura Lee Perkins
    Girls of Rockabilly
  • Blue Doll
    Anita Carter
    Appalanchian Angel: Her Recordings 1950-1972
  • It's Here To Stay
    Goldie Hill
    Goldie Hill
  • Sad Singin' and Slow Ridin'
    Jean Shepard
    Country Legends: The Unforgettable Jean Shepard
  • You're Gone
    The Davis Sisters
    Girls of Rockabilly
  • (He Said Yeah) Baby, You're The One
    Nita, Rita, and Ruby
    Girls of Rockabilly
  • Blue Moon of Kentucky
    Roberta Sherwood
    Girls of Rockabilly
  • Cry Guitar
    Janis Martin
    Girls of Rockabilly
  • According To Law
    Carol S. Martin
    Girls of Rockabilly
  • I Won't Be Rockin' Tonight
    Jean Chapel
    Girls of Rockabilly
  • One Step Nearer to You
    Margie Singleton
    Girls of Rockabilly
  • The D.J. With A Broken Heart
    Carol Jarvis
    Girls of Rockabilly
  • I'm Goin' Huntin' Tonight
    Martha Lynn
    Girls of Rockabilly
  • Teardrops On My Pillow
    Sunny Gale
    Girls of Rockabilly
  • Better Than Walking Home
    Joyce Moore
    Girls of Rockabilly
  • Hello Baby
    Charline Arthur
    Girls of Rockabilly
  • When Jimmy Comes Home
    Sandy Selsie
    Girls of Rockabilly
  • Daddy-O
    Bonnie Lou
    Girls of Rockabilly
  • Back Street Affair
    Priscilla Mitchell & Roy Drusky
    Girls of Rockabilly
  • Take Me Back Again
    Rose Maddox
    Girls of Rockabilly
  • Heartaches Meet Mr. Blues
    Loretta Lynn
    Girls of Rockabilly
  • Twang Theme
    Tired of Drowning

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