Review | The Struts at Hawthorne Theatre 11.06.16

Written by J-Bøp on November 8, 2016


Luke Spiller, The Struts Vocalist at Portland’s Hawthorne Theatre || pc: Joe Hernandez

The Struts || FFO: The Strokes, The Kooks, The Shelters, Night Riots

To those that think rock is dead, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The Struts are a new age of the British Rock bands we have seen come to The States, and they’re making a statement. There is still a place for this kind of music, and this kind of a show, in today’s world. They have proved it show after show back in the UK/Europe, have gotten an abudnance of radio play on various rock/aternative stations throughout the US, have received widespread recognition and praise, and performed to packed shows throughout the country. Now they can add Portland’s Hawthorne Theatre to the list. Even vocalist Luke Spiller, after only a few songs into the set, acknowledged and commented that Portland was their loudest crowd on the tour. I’ve been to many shows, been right next to speakers and amps at many of them, and have never had my ears ringing that badly after a concert. The Hawthorne Theatre was crowded, loud, hot, and ready to have a great time. The energy from the crowd was addicting. This show without a doubt goes down as one of the best audience shows I’ve been to. As difficult as it is in today’s times, not many phones were out; every audience member was enjoying the moment by dancing, singing, screaming, and jumping along to the music. Luke Spiller’s awestriking performance is to thank for that.

Throughout the entire show, Spiller’s presence radiated from the stage. Spiller constantly running across the stage, beaming and smiling wide-eyed at the audience. The bright and colorful stage lights all over The Strut’s set reflecting and dancing off Spiller’s sequence shirt as he interacted with the audience. Spiller encouraging the audience to sing, clap, and jump along; asking his audience to repeat after him and follow his commands. Spiller owned the stage and audience, and rightly so. After seeing him live, it’s no wonder why he is often compared to the greatest rock vocalists such as Freddie Mercury, Steven Tyler, and Mick Jagger. He captures the soul of rock, and emits it throughout venues. His energy and stage presence is addicting. Seeing The Struts live is very reminiscent and reflective of what seeing a classic rock show would have been like. The Struts is exactly what rock needs, and they’re working hard on a second album to keep their spot atop charts, and to keep inspiring and instilling awe within the music industry. I look forward to hearing how the band follows up a strong US debut, and to another opportunity to see the band perform live.

For a teaser of the show you missed, check out the band’s performance of “Could Have Been Me” and “Kiss This” on Late Night with Seth Meyers below:


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– Joe Hernandez (@atslfm // Host of KPSU’s All the Singles, Ladies)



pc: Joe Hernandez





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