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Written by Joe on March 23, 2017


Panic! At the Disco is on tour celebrating the release of 2016’s album Death of a Bachelor and delivered an incredible live performance in Portland, Oregon. Before their show at Portland’s Moda Center, frontman Brenden Urie tweeted he woke up with a fever of 103 but had no plans to cancel the show. Even with a fever, Brenden Urie’s voice and vocal range is unwavering.

Missing from the band’s previous 2016 Summer tour with Weezer and Andrew McMahon was the visual spectacle that was added to this tour. The stage set up was complete with giant monitors fixed to the stage behind the band, overhanging and moving monitors above them, confetti, pyrotechnics, lights, and of course the spectacle pictured below. Partway through the concert Brendon left the stage while the audience was transfixed by a prerecorded video displayed on the monitors, and reappeared in the center of the stadium to perform a piano based “This Is Gospel.” Brendon softly sang and played the song, as the piano slowly ascended higher and confetti fell around him. After his solo ballad, Brendon walked through the crowd singing “Death of A Bachelor” as he made his way back to the stage to join the rest of Panic! At the Disco.

Of course, Brendon Urie’s stage presence was more impressive than every aspect of the visuals. Panic! At the Disco sounded better than ever, and put on an incredible show and performance. What was most impressive was Brendon’s ability to perform the show through his fever, without staggering once. There were times when Brendon would give monologues inbetween songs, most notably after the band’s performance of “Girls/Girls/Boys.” During, images of Ellen DeGeneres, Anderson Cooper, Ru Paul and Lady Gaga were displayed behind the band as fans placed cutouts of paper hearts over their phones to create a rainbow in the audience. After the song, Brendon paused to talk about equality, love between all genders, anti-discrimination and resistance, and to show support for the LGBTQ community. During that speech, and his others, you could hear the hoarseness of Brendon’s voice and he would comment on his voice cracks and how gone it is. Though, nothing could stop Brendon and his night in the city of roses. From the start Brendon stole the show: gyrating his hips during “Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time”, his signature backflip during “Miss Jackson”, jumping on the drum kit for a cover of “24K Magic” and “Bitch Better Have My Money”, dancing nonstop throughout the show, and so much more.

It was a night Portland will never forget. As I was walking through the city the next day wearing the shirt I had purchased at the show, I was stopped constantly by different people commenting on my shirt and discussing the show. Panic! At the Disco has been creating and performing music for 13 years, catering to new and old fans with each release. Panic! At the Disco looks and sounds better than they ever have, and their legacy will continue to live on for many more years after this.

Catch Panic! At the Disco on tour, find tickets and tour dates/cities on their website.

Written by Joe Hernandez (@atslfm // Host of KPSU’s All the Singles, Ladies)

– shots from the show (joe hernandez photography) –








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