Review/Photos: Jacob Sartorius at the Aladdin Theater

Written by joe on February 19, 2018

Jacob Sartorius is currently on his headlining U.S. tour, “The Left Me Hangin’ Tour”, with support from Zach Clayton and Hayden Summerall. On February 16 he sold out the Aladdin Theater. The gallery and write-up below is by Joe Hernandez (@thisisbroseph).

Shots of Jacob Sartorius:

Originally gaining internet fame and recognition from the app, an app used to create short music video segments, Jacob Sartorius has evolved into a music performer, entertainer, and musician. His debut single “Sweatshirt” currently has reached gold status and has millions of streams on Spotify and Youtube. It was the breakthrough song and Jacob’s entry into the music industry. As a result, Jacob Sartorius has become a breakout music star and a serious contender in the industry. In Portland alone, he sold out the Aladdin Theater. For hours his teenage fanbase lined up outside the theaters, waiting for doors to open, and immediately made a break for the Aladdin’s small standing section. The teenagers packed the area with as many people as physically possible, many had little to no room, but didn’t care as they waited for and watched Jacob perform. Jacob Sartorius delivered, and was in all honesty entertaining. His music is directly intended for the listening of his audience, however the simplistic and catchy lyrics and beats will leave you singing to yourself for hours. The visuals paired with Jacob’s set featured a large LED screen, the stage surrounded with lights, and large plumes of smoke shooting out throughout his performance. At the age of 14, Jacob already expertly controls and keeps his audience captivated. It was an experience unlike any other, and it will be interesting to see what the up and coming young artist has to offer as he explores his music career further.

Pictures and words by Joe Hernandez (@thisisbroseph / joe hernandez photography)

Shots of Zach Clayton:

Shots of Hayden Summerall:





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