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Written by Joe on February 28, 2017


On tour for her debut album (Beyond the Bloodhounds), Adia Victoria stopped by Portland’s Mississippi Studios on February 27, 2017 to perform songs from her album, and some French Pop songs off a soon to be released EP. Here is KPSU’s review of the show.

Adia Victoria is a blues singer/songwriter from Nashville that writes about topics including love, loss, and her experiences as a black woman in the South. In a Facebook post Adia further describes the blues as “my therapist, my soothesayer, my confidante, my pastor, my priestess, my shaman, my hype man.” Near the end of her show in Portland, Adia Victoria pauses before a song to talk about her album and thank the audience for listening and coming out that night. She describes Beyond the Bloodhounds as her stories and a way for her to communicate those experiences, and the blues as a medium granting her the voice and confidence to say the things she couldn’t. This vulnerability and honesty is apparent in her performance, paired with her ease and comfort onstage Adia repeatedly made personal comments throughout the show to talk about the songs she was about to play. This exemplifies the meaning behind the lyrics and the stories she is telling, and produces a very powerful performance and audience experience.

Proceeds from record sales in Portland went to benefit homelessness in Nashville. In addition to the solemn realities of Adia Victoria’s lyrics, storytelling, and performance representing and inspiring a greater movement, her actions beyond her music reflect the messages she details. With a talented band behind her, solemn and genuine lyrics, and a beautiful and haunting blues sound, Adia Victoria’s performance leaves a lingering feeling in the audience on an unforgettable night. Adia Victoria is an incredible artist, and her music and performances are truly something special.

Catch Adia Victoria on tour, tickets are available and cities are listed on her website.

Written by Joe Hernandez (@atslfm // Host of KPSU’s All the Singles, Ladies)

– shots from the show (joe hernandez photography) –








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