Photos+Review: P!NK at Portland’s Moda Center

Written by joe on May 16, 2018

Already two months into her tour, Portland’s patience is finally rewarded as P!NK brings her Beautiful Trauma Tour to the City of Roses’ sold out Moda Center.

After years of touring and countless performances, P!NK has become a master entertainer. Anyone who has seen a guest performance of hers at an award show knows the type of spectacles and heroics she’s capable of; however, that is only a small fraction of her talent. A full P!NK show, and the Beautiful Trauma Tour, is P!NK in her prime and peak.

The showmanship and extravagance of the show was obvious from the very beginning. The lights in the stadium dimmed and illuminated the stage, where P!NK’s band could be heard playing Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” from behind a large pink curtain. Once everyone was ready, the music was cut, and a solo man walked onto the stage with a flute to announce the arrival of P!NK, and the curtain fell. A spectacular and intricate stage setup was revealed with bandmembers and dancers filling it, but the audience’s attention was immediately drawn upward. Known for her acrobatics and aerial routines, above the stage hung a large, fuchsia chandelier that P!NK was immediately thrown toward and climbing. The opening song of the set, as it has been all tour, was “Get This Party Started,” and that’s exactly what she did. The crowd was immediately struck with awe and wonder as they witnessed a Cirque du Soleil-esque display starring P!NK. After years of witnessing similar performances at award shows, it’s even more impressive to watch it in person and even more impressive P!NK is able to perform these acrobatics and sing flawlessly without any signs of difficulties. Once the song ended, P!NK was grounded, but the show by no means stopped there (she also periodically soars back into the air at times during the set).

Her stage show was massive. On-stage musicians and backup singers, swarms of dancers, large video screens, broadway level set pieces, and outfit changes were all part of P!NK’s act. The extravagance of the show design aside, there’s no denying the talent of the artist herself. Her stamina, soaring vocals, dedication to her act, and joy of being onstage are the qualities of the artist fans are most drawn to. Throughout her performance a genuine and sly smile could be seen on her face. She walks along the edges of the stage to reach for her audiences hands, and lays on the catwalk to take selfies with those at the barricade.

Every artist strives to become a household name, but there are qualities that cannot be replicated. P!NK is the ultimate artist that possesses it all. Her passion, talent, and love for her fans makes her more than deserving of the all awards and nominations she’s received, and millions of albums and concert tickets sold. Her show is not one to be missed, and The Beautiful Trauma Tour is at the top of the list for best concerts of 2018.

After the success her Beautiful Trauma tour has had, P!NK has extended the tour and will be returning to Portland on April 8, 2019. Tickets are available here.

Pictures and words by Joe Hernandez (@thisisbroseph / joe hernandez photography)

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