Photos+Review: NF at Portland’s Roseland Theater

Written by joe on March 15, 2018

NF is currently touring the U.S. in support of his latest album Perception. On March 14 he sold out Portland’s Roseland Theater. The gallery and write-up below is by Joe Hernandez (@thisisbroseph).

Fans showed up early to pack the sold out Roseland Theater in downtown Portland, some saying they waited in line for over 6 hours to ensure they got a spot as close as possible. Fans show up early for every show, but anyone walking past the Roseland moments before they opened their doors knew this show was special. The line wrapped around the block and the entire building, and was so long the end of the line began overlapping and was near the actual start of the line. Nearly everyone standing in line already wearing NF merch, with the words “REAL MUSIC” sprawled across their shirts and hats. REAL MUSIC is more than just a slogan – it’s his brand and what defines NF. His music is raw, honest, intimate, and unapologetic. NF, Nathan Feuerstein, is an artist quickly on the rise and is unlike any other.

On the left of the stage stands a large cell NF will appear from and climb, behind him is a large LED screen, smoke floods the stage and surrounds him, CO2 cannons blasted throughout the set, and strobe lights were in a frenzy casting spectacular shadows and silhouettes. This show, visually, is among the most immersive and spectacular to ever witness. More impressive than the visuals themselves, was the fan response and reception of NF. With no other words to describe this phenomenon, fans were hyped for this show. They showed their support of the artist initially by selling out the venue, lining up for hours, and showing up in their NF merch. During the show, their devotion for the artist is even more apparent. Every audience member had their phones and arms up at NF’s command, jumped when they were motioned to, those close enough reached out as far as they could to attempt to touch the artist, and everyone in the audience rapped along and shouted the lyrics as loud as they could. The lyrics and stories NF tells about his own struggles, pain, and experiences in life are shared and resonate with his audience. Every member related to the emotion and pain behind the words, and could apply them to their own lives. Through his music and mastery of his performances, NF has built a community unlike any other to surround himself with, and his shows are an experience incomparable to anyone else’s. Already charting with his song “Let You Down” playing on major radio stations, NF is destined for greatness and his community will grow even more. This was an arena show crammed and condensed into a 1500 capacity venue, an only shows a fraction of what this artist is capable of. NF is on his way to sell out stadiums and arenas, and the production and spectacle his shows will become is unimaginable.

Pictures and words by Joe Hernandez (@thisisbroseph / joe hernandez photography)

Find NF on twitter, facebook, and instagram. And find more tour dates on his website, here.





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