Panic! At the Disco post-concert review

Written by on August 14, 2018

Panic! At the Disco performed at the Portland Moda Center Sunday August 12th. High level theatrics i.e. big stadium show expectations were met in full.

After the opening bands finished a large countdown clock appeared on the primary screen at the back of the stage. Considering the number of times I’ve stressed about making a bathroom run prior to the main act this was a great reassurance plus it helped build the audience excitement even more. At soon as the clock hit zero, the musicians rose from beneath the stage and full Vegas style lighting took effect. Impressively the lights were not contained to just the stage area. The full length of the stadium had lasers and effects displayed.

Instead of mechanical or prerecorded music Panic! At the Disco went for completely authentic live musical accompaniment: 3 piece horn section, a string quartet, 2 drum sets (one played by Brendon Urie), bassist Nicole Row, and guitarist Kenneth Harris.

Front man Brendon Urie was in complete showman attire with gold microphone and tight black suit including glittery gold embellishments. While not rivaling Mötley Crüe’s gravity defying drumming he certainly got close. Between the back flips off a drum set and channeling his Broadway role in Kinky Boot’s style dancing Urie’s energy only increased throughout the show.

Brendon Urie back flips off the drum set – Joe Hernandez Photography


Prior to the show hearts in different colors were set on seats with instructions on how to attach it to cell phone lights for the song Girls/Girls/Boys participation. Each section was color coded to make the stadium rainbow striped.

heart under my seat – DJ Rachelle

There was no need for my Zippo lighter app during the whole concert. While tempted during the Sinatra inspired “Death of a Bachelor”, Brendon Urie journeyed through the entire length of the stadium floor with light security and a single camera person which resulted in more screaming/cheers then any lighter waving.

Upon reaching the opposite side of the stadium a grand piano descended from the rafters for him to lead the crowd in singing along to greatest song of all time – Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Making his way back again to the stage Urie took time to hug, shake hands, and take selfies with fans including the oft neglected wheelchair sections.

photo courtesy Jake Chamseddine via PATD official facebook page

The last two songs prior to the encores had a few pyrotechnic issues. I could feel the heat of the 6 ft+ tall pillars of flames from 30+ feet away. This plus the fireworks raining down made me slightly concerned for the safety of the musicians.

Panic! At the Disco’s performance was literally on fire – photo by Just Another LA Beebo Tea

Stage left area eventually had all fire jets turned off and by the encore all jets were back on and appeared at a safer height and width of flames. The confetti cannons were popping and nobody got singed, including a by then totally shirtless Brendon Urie.

photo courtesy Jake Chamseddine via PATD official facebook page

Overall a great big theatrical show with excellent pop/rock music. Click here to see where Panic! At the Disco is performing next:





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