Sam Lee of Magic Man Interview

Written by J-Bøp on April 12, 2016

Sam Lee of Magic Man Interview

Interview starts roughly halfway through, music from Magic Man was played before the interview. Tracklist of songs played can be found below!

I interviewed Sam Lee of Magic Man, we talked about Magic Man headlining their 2016 Hotline Spring Tour and new Magic Man music. To listen to the interview use the player above or the ‘Click here to download’ to stream/download the show! Or click the link to listen on Soundcloud.

Sam Lee

                     Sam Lee of Magic Man

About Magic Man:

Real Life Color [2010] 
You Are Here (EP) [2013]
Before the Waves [2014]

Band Members:
Alex Caplow (Vocals)
Sam Lee (Guitar)

Touring Members (2016):
Pepe Hidalgo (Drums)
Fran Litterski (Keys)
Austin Luther (Bass)

Magic Man is currently headlining a tour from 4.8 – 5.26, called Hotline Spring, with Panama Wedding / The Griswolds. First show on the tour was Friday 04/08 in North Carolina, which was a sold out show. The band is stopping to do a show in Portland 05/05 at the Wonder Ballroom. They are playing a variety of new songs, unreleased, on the tour such as: Sleepwalking, Acid Dream, and Young Blood. Listen to the interview to find out more!

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  • It All Starts Here
    Magic Man
    Before the Waves
  • Daughter
    Magic Man
    Real Life Color
  • Nova Scotia
    Magic Man
    You Are Here - EP
  • Monster
    Magic Man
    Real Life Color
  • Texas
    Magic Man
    Before the Waves
  • Waves
    Magic Man
    Before the Waves
  • Apollo
    Magic Man
    Before the Waves
  • Tonight
    Magic Man
    Before the Waves

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