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Written by joe on October 23, 2017

Yumi Zouma at Portland’s Mississippi Studios, photos by Joe Hernandez (@thisisbroseph):

Who: Yumi Zouma

When: October 20, 2017

Where: Mississippi Studios. Portland, Oregon

Currently on tour with one piece act CHAD VALLEY, New Zealand act Yumi Zouma lulls their Portland crowd with dreamy electro-pop sounds and beautiful harmonies.

The stage setup was simple and not distracting, allowing the band to remain the main focus of the show. Behind the band hung a large banner, with their name “Yumi Zouma” written in cursive across it. As the band walked onstage, the banner illuminated to a pink-blue color gradient. Softly glowing and casting a complimentary light on them during their set.

Crowd reactions was a mix that night, ranging from fans of the band to North Portlanders looking for a place to spend their Friday night. Regardless of the type of person that intended, they witness an incredible show. People could be seen with their heads down and swaying softly to the music, fans held their hands high and sang the words back at Yumi Zouma; however, everyone at some point stood mouth agape as lead singer Christie Simpson hypnotized the crowd with her vocals. It was a display and performance that left the Mississippi Studios crowd thirsty for more, and cheered loud enough to bring out Yumi Zouma one last time for an encore.

Find more dates for Yumi Zouma’s tour on their website, and follow them on twitter, instagram, and facebook.

Pictures and words by Joe Hernandez (@thisisbroseph // joe hernandez photography)





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