Gallery+Review: Cults at Star Theater

Written by joe on November 2, 2017

Photos by Joe Hernandez (@thisisbroseph)

Gallery featuring Cults, Cullen Omori, and Hideout on November 1 at Porltand’s Star Theater.

On tour with support from Cullen Omori and Hideout, Cults celebrates the release of their new album Offering and stopped by one of Portland’s most interesting music venues. The Star Theater originally opened as a live picture theater in 1911, was turned into a live burlesque theater in the 40’s, became an adult film theater in the 60’s again and featured live strippers on stage, after a period of closing and reopening eventually the theater was purchased by the Portland club Dante’s and renovated into the music hall it is today. Portland’s Star Theater now stands as one of the city’s smaller and more intimate venues, which complimented the act perfectly.

Admittedly, the crowd initially looked thin leading up to doors opening and partway through the night. People slowly found their way into the theater, and sure enough when it was time for Cults to play the Star Theater had filled up nicely. It’d be too easy to make a comment about their fanbase being a cult following, but it does nicely describe the fans that do know the band well. Many fans expressed their excitement with the people around them, and those close to the stage were able to get a glimpse of the setlist and were ecstatic about some of the band’s choices. The setlist was balanced fairly between the four albums, and is listed below.

The band sounded incredible and lived up to the expectation of the audience. The two piece was joined on stage by members of the support acts, and the crowd erupted as lead vocalist Madeline Follin appeared onstage. Behind the band stood two large screens which had album art and other visuals projected upon. Follin’s soft voice rang beautifully through the venue, and sounded even better with her band behind her. The big, dance heavy production behind songs of the new album paired nicely with Follin’s voice and were impressive to experience live.

Find more dates for Cults’ tour on their website, and follow them on twitter, instagram, and facebook.

Pictures and words by Joe Hernandez (@thisisbroseph // joe hernandez photography)


1. Offering

2. Abducted

3. Always Forever

4. Took Picture

5. Never Heal

6. Right Words

7. Gilded Lily

8. Talk in Circles

9. Hardly

10. High Road

11. Good religion

12. You Know


13. Good Day

14. Go Outside





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