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Written by on December 18, 2017

Photos by Diego Olivares Fuentes Website

Gallery featuring The Wrecks, Brick + Mortar and LovelyTheBand on December 15 at Portland’s Analog Theatre.

On the road with their Robot Army tour, The Wrecks has the support of Brick + Mortar and LovelyTheBand.

The Wrecks headlined the show featuring their hit single Favorite Liar. 

Analog Theatre is located at 720 SE Hawthorne Blvd , Portland Oregon. Upon first arrival to the venue guests are greeted with a bar area and an entrance to the upstairs venue, Analog theatre features an attic like area where the shows are held.

Unfortunately once the crowd starts filling the space ,  the venue’s temperature rise to uncomfortable levels.

The doors opened at 7 and the venue quickly filled with fans. The audience ranged from younger folk to people in their twenties.

As soon as the opener , LovelyTheBand started playing,  the energy in the room could be felt by the crowd which knew most of the bands songs. LovelyThe band featured catchy synthesizer heavy songs.

Brick+ Mortar definitely had one of the most eccentric performances of the night.  Band members danced around the stage while they held props that drew in the attention of the audience, they also featured psychedelic video as a backdrop.

The headliner , The Wrecks Brought the most intense energy of the night for they were very heavy hitting and fast paced performers. The crowd integrated with the band members throughout their performance and their energy showed greatly.


More information on the tour can be found on their Website you can also check out The Wrecks on Facebook

Check out Brick+Mortar here

You should also check out LovelyTheBand’s Website


Review and Photos by Diego Olivares Fuentes Website

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