Festival Vibes with Mienne – What The Festival 2017 Featured Artist Interview

Written by DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) on June 14, 2017

Last night, Mienne joined Learning to Grow with DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) leading up to What The Festival 2017! We talked about Mienne’s experience as a performing artist and how she has blended her skills into the musical realms. Mienne prides herself in being an unforgivingly multi-genre and multi-love DJ – listen in to hear her WTFest’17 teaser set and a little about her time in the Portland music scene!

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Mienne has been involved with Portland’s dance culture for over decade. She has always been a performance artist; initially as a belly dancer, her natural sense of movement and rhythm translated gracefully into her journey as a DJ. Her Libran love of balance (and variety!) makes her uniquely adept at setting a sonic scene that elicits journeys across desert tundra, through the expansiveness of space, and SPLAT onto a jiggling subwoofer.

With her strong commitment to forwarding local dance culture she is found involved in numerous productions in Portland and has curated her own events. She is a proud part of Tectonic and one of Fun Luv’n’s resident DJs.

Be sure to check out Mienne this year as she opens up the ‘Effin Stage Sunday at What The Festival! She is sure to bring a unique and dance-evoking set to your mind and body!

Learn more about Mienne on her Website // Facebook // Soundcloud // Instagram // Twitter // Pintrest // YouTube





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