What The Festation – What The Festival 2017 Review Special

Written by DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) and DJ Nico Troi on July 5, 2017

What The Festival, held on Wolf Run Ranch on the East slopes of Mt. Hood, is a real-life dreamland filled with blissful wonderment that really leaves you saying, “WTF.” From the sparkly splash stage to the illuminated forest and of course the world’s largest shimmering disco ball, to the core team that runs this festival and each and every festival-goer, everything radiates with shimmering sparkle rainbow lighting.

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What The Festation” by Learning to Grow with DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) brings some of the finest organic produce straight from The Ranch to your table featuring live field recordings on The Ranch. This featured Podcast includes portions of live sets and on-site interviews with some artists of What The Festival 2017! Check out the full playlist below!

There’s been a lot of growth on The Ranch since the first installment of WTFest in June 2012. Each year the community of curators renew and regenerate the interactive art installations, immersive stages, and community building/learning events. This four day immersive arts festival has become a cherished staple and favorite of the Pacific NorthWest and Portland dance, music, and arts community. What The Fest is a place to put down some roots and build a community with like-minded creative and loving individuals. Wolf Run Ranch is a creative explorative space fostering safe personal expression.

Check out more #WTF’17 featured episodes at Learning to Grow with DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) and Nico at Nights with DJ Nico Troi! Learn more about the Roots and Growth of artists such as Electric Mantis, PRSN, Fine Animal, Chris Bower, Mr. Moo, Mienne, Pacific Patterns and even The Founders of WTFest!

Warming up the Early Entry party on Thursday were some world class acts, such as NastyNasty, Proko, Manic Focus, and Ill Gates at a stage known as “The Groove Qube.” Complete with a sound-responsive lighting system and cubbies to post up in and give those dancing legs a break, The Qube provides WTF-goers with an light-filled, all-night sunrise dance experience.

The beloved and signature Splash Stage sets the vibe each day with a sunny beach and a danceable wading pool surrounded by wooden planked dance stages. With water comes rejuvenation and renewal; soak up the rays, keep cool with the glistening water and get the blood of life pumping through your veins. Some notable Splash Stage acts this year included Chet Porter, The Funk Hunters, Hotel Garuda, Claude Von Stroke (very special guest), Takimba, Kepi, and the “Future Classics” Sunday party including Future Classics DJs, Classixx, Touch Sensitive, and Giraffage.

Before the Pool Stage is even going there are events stirring in the forest. From Movement showcases held in the forest such as Bootyluv which goes into blending a combination of cardio, functional movement, barre, yoga, kickboxing, Pilates, yoga, and lots of “booty breakdowns” which is sure to get you in shape! Also the Easy Speak showcases are quite intriguing discussions to sit down and tune into such as Sex & Ego Death: How Fears Mess With Your Love Life w/ Gregor Reti. All the speakers are very in tune speakers who engage with the audience and get you to start thinking. Live art is integral to WTFest providing the opportunity watch a unique expression of creativity evolve from artists such as Aspen Moon Art.

The Equinox Stage kicks off each afternoon for those who need to dry off and mellow out in between The Splash Stage. During the daytime The Equinox focuses on live acoustic acts including bluegrass and folk. Later night The Equinox focuses on locally grown produce such as The STYLSS Showcase which included Eastghost, Onhell, Quarry, and Tyler TasteMaker coming in for some heavy West-Coast Bass breakdowns.

As the vibes shift and vibrate from each of the eight stages The ‘Effin and Main Stages (WTF Stage) provide full-production audio-visual performance. These two stages are situated facing each other on The Ranch’s plateau and is the perfect field to enjoy a sunset set from WTFest headliners which included ZHU, Gramatik, Cut Copy, Barclay Crenshaw, Rezz, Hoodboi, Big Wild and others. Shows shift from The WTF and ‘Effin stages providing the opportunity to shift between wavelengths and feels.

On the main nights at WTF, The Dragon Stage and Shinto A-Go-Go are two all-night options nestled in The Forest with The Groove Qube. The Dragon Stage is the peak artistic immersive stage and vision of WTFestival’s founders. A giant fire-spouting dragon with a tiny DJ pagoda at its pinnacle; The Dragon Stage is another high-energy and very warm space to dance it up late night until the sun peaks back over the horizon. Taking time to chill out and connect with down-tempo worldly feels of The Shinto A-go-go stage is a solid way to wind down after a jam packed day full of love and expression. The Shinto features a lounge-feel and includes spaces to lay down on soft mattresses and couches, take part in a tea ceremony, or refuel with some miso soup as the day ahead renews.

What The Festival truly is a place to “run with your pack.” Connect with your inner-wolf, howl at the moon, run freely, hunt for life and gather with your friends deep in the heart of one of Oregon’s most beautiful forests.

Some other stand out acts over the weekend, consisted of Promnite, Paper Diamond, The Last Artful Dodger, Stooki Sound, Shiba San, Electric Mantis, Ozzie, Pacific Patterns, High Step Society, Mad Zach, Plastician, Desert Hearts Crew Showcase and so many more. Check out the full 2017 Lineup HERE.

Learn more about What The Festival at their Website // Facebook // Instagram // Soundcloud // Twitter





  • What The Festival 2017 Live Recordings
    DJ Mkulima (The Farmer)
  • Out Here
    Lafa Taylor
    Early Entry Party Equinox Stage
  • Groove Qube Mix 2017
    Matt Wax
    Groove Qube Friday Night
  • Backstage Interview with Matt Wax
    DJ Mkulima
    Post Matt Wax Set Groove Qube
  • Shinto A-Go-Go Snippett
    Recorded by DJ Mkulima
  • Mienne Live at The 'Effin Stage
    'Effin Stage on Sunday
  • Backstage Interview with Mienne
    DJ Mkulima
    Post Mienne Set 'Effin Stage
  • Soffi Tukker Live
    Recorded by DJ Mkulima
    Live on WTF Stage
  • Dar Live at The Groove Qube
    Recorded by DJ Mkulima
    Groove Qube Sunday Night
  • Backstage Interview with Dar
    DJ Mkulima
    Post Dar Set Groove Qube
  • Ambient Recordings
    Recorded by DJ Mkulima
    Around Wolf Run Ranch 2017
  • Pre Pacific Patterns Set Interview with Chris Bower and Pacific Patterns
    DJ Mkulima
    Pre Pacific Patterns Set Groove Qube
  • Pacific Patterns Live at The Groove Qube
    Recorded by DJ Mkulima
    Groove Qube Sunday Night
  • Interview with Manoj
    DJ Mkulima
    Sunday at What The Festival 2017
  • Interview with Takimba
    DJ Mkulima
    Sunday at What The Festival 2017
  • Geno Cochino Live at The 'Effin Stage
    Recorded by DJ Mkulima
    Live on The 'Effin Stage

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