ALBUM REVIEW: Mallrat – Butterfly Blue

Written by on March 17, 2023

Mallrat’s 2022 debut album Butterfly Blue is filled with cute, yet captivating, bedroom pop. The lyrics speak of pain and difficult love situations while the songs are multi-textured and extremely interesting. 

Mallrat, the pseudonym of Australian singer-songwriter Grace Shaw, starts the album with the extremely relaxing and ethereal Wish on an Eyelash, which sets the tone for what is to come at just 56 seconds long. Throughout the album, Mallrat uses plenty of Cocteau style reverb while also retaining a hard edge as opposed to the Twins’ total lush-ness.  

Still, songs bring to mind long, slow days in tropical suns. While Mallrat is assumedly inspired by her Australian upbringing, some of the songs bring me back to childhood days lounging under the southern California sun.

The album has entirely relaxing vibes, however, as some surprises occasionally pop up. Teeth takes on an industrial aspect at times and Your Love features some hip hop beats. Perhaps most surprisingly is the song Surprise Me and its Azealia Banks feature. On what may otherwise be another ordinary bedroom pop song, Banks’ verse brings another voice and takes the song to another level. To have this as Track Three was a great choice for the album as it lets you know the unexpected may occur at any point.


Top 3 Picks:


  • Wish on an Eyelash
  • To You
  • Heart Guitar




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