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That’s right, woodchuck chuckers: it’s got Groundhog Day! There’s more to February than Valentine’s Day, although that’s in here too.

Because new takes on existing songs can be a whole lot of fun, here are fifteen covers for you to enjoy.

“Once in a blue moon” means this month and then again in March, or at least it does in 2018. To commemorate the occasion, I’ve put together an assortment of songs featuring blue, sorted by length, because why not?

I’ve let the weather decide the theme this time, and since it’s January in Portland, that means rain.

With a new year comes change, even if only in how to write the date. Here are fifteen takes on the topic. Happy New Year!

Life is a highway, so get your kicks on Route 66 and play these songs on your tape deck, Mr. Bassman. Starts at 01:15.

December is full of Christmas songs we’ve all heard hundreds of times. We’re changing things up with multiple holidays, working our way through December (and then a bit of next year).

The very first episode of Zoetrope, featuring songs about being seventeen. It’s a surprisingly popular subject, and you might start to notice a few themes as you listen.

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