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Everybody loves to sing about being a star, but sometimes the real star is an instrument. Here are fourteen songs that give guitars their due credit.

A few songs about the planet we live on—or at least most of them involve living on it. I also strongly considered the Counting Crows version of Big Yellow Taxi. Ultimately, I decided to include the band and the song separately, but I still highly recommend a listen.

With tax day coming up, this seems like the time for a show about money, money, money. Take it and run—it can’t buy me love, but it changes everything. There’s even a bit of a story if you listen closely.

Sometimes you don’t realize how common a theme is in music until you start searching for it, but then it won’t stop showing up. That’s what happened here. I started with Girl on Fire, She’s on Fire, and You’re on Fire, as they went nicely together. Those soon sparked the whole theme. Starts at 09:30.

In anticipation of the movie version of Ready Player One, this show is inspired by the book version. With so many songs referenced in the book, plus even more artists and movies to draw from, it was hard to choose what to include. They Might Be Giants were a must for me, since they’re one […]

A collection of songs for my dad, some chosen for the stories connected to them and some just because they’re good music. Happy Birthday!

Songs by or about about Billy, Billie, or Bill. That’s it, that’s the theme.

Specifically, songs my sister the ballerina has danced to, leaving out the obvious ballet song choices like anything from The Nutcracker. If you want to see what she’s up to now, she’s @teaganveganballerina on Instagram.

One of the things I love about Portland is watching boats go up and down the Willamette. I’ve seen speedboats and barges, cruise ships and dragon boats, but by far the most musically represented are sailboats. Come sail away with me!

Rise and shine, campers! This episode features only songs used to wake up astronauts. Waking astronauts with music is a long tradition (inasmuch as anything related to space travel can be considered a long tradition), so I had a lot of songs to choose from. You can check out the list I used for reference […]

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