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I couldn’t find any alien musicians this week—only human.

Originally, I’d had this in my head as a summer rain theme to go with my earlier winter rain theme, but it’s been sunny here in Portland, so I figured I ought to expand a bit. Starts at 00:03:00.

Setting a scene sometimes means establishing a time of day—4:30 in the morning, 7:00 AM, and 9:00 in the evening all set distinct scenes. Each establishes different imagery and emotions just by stating the time on the clock. If you pay attention, songwriters do this all the time. Listen to a few examples from different […]

Much like this post, sometimes songs are about themselves, in whole or in part. This show has just a few.

Another popular theme, even without adding the closely related themes of sleeping and waking up. What are you dreaming of as the spring term ends?

My mom is in the process of scanning tens of thousands of photographs from over the past century, so the subject has been on my mind. I love photographs. They’re windows into memories, art that’s easy to make and yet detailed, and a favorite family tradition. I hope you can share my fond perspective when […]

A show about seven days, thirteen years in the works. This week’s show began with a CD from 2005 my family made with one song for each day of the week. I’ve added a few, of course. If you want more songs with days of the week, then check out these Counting Crows songs featuring […]

Inspired in part by PSU’s Little Cow Pigeon.

I’ve done one theme after another, and this is the first time I’ve made a show for everybody. Take a listen to find out what everybody wants, needs, knows, loves, and so on.

What else could I choose when in the midst of midterms?

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