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On the show today featuring Jimmie Blanton, I mentioned I would write about the riverboat of Fate Marable. I first learned about Fate Marable through reading about Jimmie Blanton’s life.  I remember reading, “…and on Fate Marable’s jazz riverboats he was recruited by Duke Ellington”. I thought wow. A big band riverboat. Awesome.  But these […]

“Tarantino has stated that he plans to make a total of just ten films before retiring as a director, as a means of ensuring an overall high quality within his filmography. He believes “most directors have horrible last movies,” that ending on a “decent movie is rare,” and that ending on a “good movie is […]

Apparently, he conceives every movie from the music up….. by going into his spare room which he dubs a “used record store”. In an interview he did with The Dig in 2021 he says, “The music is a key to the personality of the movie.”… …”And also, the beat of the movie, the rhythm that […]

After this last week’s show a friend of mine said, “So you have gone from Kraftwerk to Jazz?” From Florian Schneider to Eric Burdon to Mingus (to Jacob Bannon) …its has always been alright.* The same decade Florian Schneider was finding auto-binary based sound making Charles Mingus was perfecting dissonance with Eric Dolphy. What attracts […]

Post Show Elaborations…. 🍭 I started the hour with a mention of the Jazz Workshop that “Mingus started with his wife.” His wife’s name was Sue. To talk about her, we have to go all the way back to the 5 spot. What’s that you say? This was a jazz club, only open from the […]

“they will always be alive”… Its 1958. Milt Hinton, jazz bassist, is standing on the steps of a brownstone in Harlem looking into the lens of a Hasselblad 300C held by the Esquire Magazine art director, Art Kane. Its Art Kane’s first photo shoot. Milt Hinton and Art Kane are not alone on 17 East […]

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