Author: RubyWhite

Today we listened to some Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and Good Charlotte. Hope to see you next week!

We went back with some oldies this weeks, as well as some newer sounds thrown in. See y’all after the break!

We jammed out to some old and new Mayday Parade, as well as some other newer bands. See y’all next week!

Welcome back to another week of the Pop-Punk Power Hour! To those who were listening live, thank you for putting up with me as I experienced some major technical difficulties. See y’all next week!

Week two of my new series Pop-Punk Power Hour

This week we delved into some newer pop-punk sounds first, before playing some middle school favorites.

Today’s show was on the color blue, because of how weird and sad this week has been. Tune in next week for our next color. Have a good week!

Today’s show was on the color yellow, and how much I love the color. Today’s playlist is mostly happy songs, with some older school throwbacks.

Today we went over the songs associated with the color red and the feelings the color red produces. Our first half was the passion and anger that the color red enhances and the last half was the love songs.

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