Author: Penny

This week we look back to the predictions made by various mystics at the beginning of 2022. And we look forward to what 2023 has to offer. Always as; Dutch Archive Releases Nazi Treasure Map; Bolivian Airline Under Fire for Enlisting Psychic to Help Search for Lost Cat; Series of Mysterious Antennas Found Throughout Foothills […]

Lorna Shore – Pain Remains This is the, personally, long-awaited full-length album with new singer Will Ramos. This American deathcore band shows off their proficiency by blending highly technical metal musician ship, with symphonic and black metal elements. Combined with Ramos’ signature dynamic range the band has found a recognizable sound, that has gained them […]

‘Time Traveler with Cell Phone’ Spotted in Crowd at 1977 Elvis Concert. Thief Knocks Himself Out While Fleeing Handbag Heist in Washington. Thieves Return Stolen Cow After Witch Doctor Unleashes Swarm of Bees on Them. South African Zombie Mom. Indian Woman Accuses Husband of Secretly Stealing and Selling Her Kidney. Germans poke fun at far-right […]

Update on the French soccer player who was attacked. Russian MMA fighter dies after ‘eating poisoned watermelon’. Fishermen plead not guilty to charges in tournament scandal. Woman charged with sending bee swarm on deputies at eviction. Man bites police dog. Indian Boy Escapes Cobra Attack by Biting Snake to Death. Man Uses Granddaughter as ‘Weapon’ […]

Woman ‘Dating Alien’ Appears on British Morning Program Alongside ‘ET Boyfriend’; UFO Spotted Over Buckingham Palace During Queen’s Jubilee Parade; Man in Kenya Returns Stolen TV That Was Stuck to His Head Via Witch Doctor’s Spell; Plagued by Terrifying Dreams, Thieves Return Stolen Statues to Temple in India; Pool noodle fight over the name Josh […]

‘Dead’ Woman Brings Funeral to Halt by Banging on Inside of Casket for Help; Advanced X-Ray Analysis Suggests Shroud of Turin Dates Back to Time of Christ; World’s tallest woman awarded three more Guinness World Records titles; Americans bring ‘souvenir’ artillery shell to Israel airport; School board member censured for ‘typo’ linking to porn site; […]

For-Profit Autopsy Update. Update on treasure hunters v the FBI. Ghosts Blamed for Bride’s Bizarre Meltdown at Wedding in India. Filmmaker Offers British Museum $1 Million If They Can Duplicate Shroud of Turin. Bizarre Viral Video Allegedly Shows Mermaid Washed Ashore on Beach. First UK Crop Circle of 2022 Found. Woman rescued after falling in […]

Study finds doctors removed vital organs before the executed had been officially confirmed dead; Lovesick Man Tries to Row From Thailand to India to Reunite with Wife; Accidental Cremation of Man Hoping to be Raptured Leads to Lawsuit from Family; Man in Germany gets 90 COVID-19 shots to sell forged passes; Tennessee Man Arrested for […]

Protestors in New Zealand Don Tinfoil Hats to Fend Off Alleged ‘Radiation Rays’; Sacred ‘Mermaid’ to be Analyzed by Japanese Scientists; ‘Mass Possession’ Sweeps Through High School in South Africa; Plus a historical look at mass hysteria.

Since I missed Wednesday’s Show I filled in on Friday afternoon. Man accused of lifting $25K dinosaur claw at gem show. ‘Faith Healer’ Wanted in Pakistan for Hammering Nail into Woman’s Head. Pennsylvania ‘Mystery Creature’ Identified. Man upset over Canada’s mask mandates threatens wrong Ottawa. Russian gallery says guard added eyes to avant-garde work.

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