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What’s happening guys, back with another round of indie bangers, ranging from Colony House and Lord Huron to Gotye, The Family Crest, and Ex Reyes. Hope you listen to some music you haven’t heard before and maybe find some you recognize! Have a great Friday and rest of the weekend, hope you enjoy the show. […]

Back again with another broadcast of Non Bangers Need Not Apply, where we play only the most banging of bangers in the world of indie rock and indie pop. Hope you have a great Friday and weekend, and I hope you enjoy this week’s show, it’s got some real good ones on it!

Hey everyone, back with another broadcast of Non Bangers Need Not Apply, and back with yet another playlist of total bangers, with some stuff I’ve discovered recently as well as some old standbys. Hope you enjoy both. Happy Friday!

A warm welcome to another broadcast of Non Bangers Need Not Apply! This is a really special broadcast for me, because I’m playing some of my absolute favorite artists of all time, and each song I play will be my all time favorite song of theirs. So if you needed a show to really find […]

Another Friday, another great time to listen to some fantastic indie bangers! This time we’ve got bigger artists from Lord Huron and Foster the People to some you might not have heard of, like Air Traffic Controller and Air Review. Looking at it now, maybe I just really like artists with Air in the name? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ […]

Hey everybody, hope you’re having a fantastic Friday; if it’s less than fantastic, maybe these indie bangers will help out a bit! You’ve got all kinds of good stuff to look forward to, from some funk with The Main Squeeze to a little bit of math rock with Vasudeva, with of course the usual indie […]

It’s time for another broadcast of Non Bangers Need Not Apply, your one and only place for the bangerist of bangers in the indie world. Featuring some of my favorite artists including The Dear Hunter, Jukebox the Ghost, and Walk the Moon, if you like some good indie jams, this is the place to be. […]

Welcome to the inaugural broadcast of Non Bangers Need Not Apply! If you love yourself some bangin indie rock and indie pop, you’ve come to the right place, and I hope I can show you some new and exciting tunes. If Spotify saying I listen to indie music 130% more than the average user doesn’t […]

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