Author: Tim Coutinho

What a day for some listening to some bangers! Hope everyone’s having a wonderful Friday that extends into the weekend, and a wonderful end of their week 9, we’re almost there. Here are some songs to tide you over, hope you enjoy!

Hope everyone’s enjoying the switch back to standard Portland weather in the last few days! If you aren’t, maybe these tracks can lift your spirits a bit. Have a listen, and have a great weekend!

I’ve got a little something special for the show today: some of the longest songs in my library! No song here is under 7 minutes, so this setlist is chock full at a whole 6 tracks. And it’s not length for the sake of length, they’re some real bangers too, as always. Hope you enjoy, […]

It’s a beautiful day, and what better way to celebrate that than listening to a solid hour of some solid bangers. Hope you all are surviving week 4 of the term; maybe some slapping tunes can help you through it. Enjoy!

Another week, another round of bangers to listen to. And man what a week it’s been, the weather was absolutely beautiful, I’m digging it (though I have no problem with our months of rain). Hope you guys enjoy your weekend, and especially enjoy this round of bangers I’ve put together for you!

Hey all, hope everyone’s having a great second week of term! Back with another broadcast of Non Bangers Need Not Apply, there’s some real bangers in here, so I hope you find something new in this setlist. Lot of the usual suspects here: The Dear Hunter, Misterwives, Air Traffic Controller, you know the drill. Happy […]

And another term begins! Hope all is going well in everyone’s start of Spring term, and if not, maybe this show can help out a bit. I’m graduating in June, so this will be my very last term here at Portland State, and I have a ridiculously light workload – 1 class, capstone – so […]

It’s spring break (well, almost the end of spring break), the sun is out, and I hope everyone is enjoying the time off school! I’ve still had work so not much is different, but not having class after I get off work is pretty nice. Regardless, glad to be back in the studio to play […]

Hey everyone, back again for the 9th week of this lovely radio show. For those of you that listen regularly at all, you probably know that I’m a big fan of Jukebox the Ghost. Well I was able to see them live last weekend, and it was really something, them playing live with only three […]

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