Coming up, a McDonald’s customer is arrested for putting soda in a water cup, Tom Delonge of blink 182 discusses his alien beliefs and controversy surrounding the record collection of DJ Afrika Bambaataa.

Coming up on the show, Bruce Springsteen and other performers take a stand against a bill recently passed in North Carolina, Supreme Court justice nominee Merrick Garland’s contribution to students in Washington D.C., and Led Zeppelin finds their originality questioned once again in a court case surrounding one of their most famous songs. [email protected]

Coming up on the show, a new London survey finds young people would rather stay home than go out to a club, Sean “Diddy” Combs opens a new charter school, and Dave Chapelle stages a prince tribute. [email protected]

Coming up on the show, Keith Richards reportedly once pulled a knife on a current presidential candidate, a memoir is announced by an American punk rock front woman, and the results of 2015 revenue figures for vinyl sales versus free streaming.

Coming up on the show, a DJ in Massachusetts is fined by the police for playing a song, new legislation enacted in London protecting smaller music venues, and the introduction of high definition vinyl records into the market. [email protected]

Coming up on the show, researchers ask the question, does the language you speak affect the way you hear music? A rapper from the U.K. helps build a playground in Nigeria, and an American rock band starts handing out earplugs at upcoming shows. Skepta’s playground in Nigeria [email protected]

Enjoy a break from the chatter with this all-music set!

Mid century music and history with some news about a couple of upcoming music reunions, a landmark concert in Cuba, and a music festival makes an unprecedented announcement regarding this year’s keynote speakers. Extra special thanks to M. Ward, who was also a contributor to the bed music this week! [email protected]


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