Author: Sarah Johnson

MIDDLE SKOOL JAMS PLAYING ON THE SYNC THIS WEEK Y’ALL!!! Sarah had a physical dance party during this hour….. crazy times. We talk about many things as well, I forget what about tho. All of this is unscripted so it’s never really too coherent. Thanks for listening anyways guys!! We love all of you.

Maggie and Sarah played an hour of long-winded psychedelic and experimental rock on Oct. 27 2017… good times hope you guys love this stuff as much as we do!!!

The Sync did something a little different this week…After playing their theme songs, Maggie and Sarah talked about some of our favorite TV shows! We had a lot of fun doing it! Make sure to tune in every Friday at 2 for The Kitchen Sync!

An Hour of Amy Winehouse! We love her over here on The Kitchen Sync, Every Friday from 2-3pm with Maggie and Sarah!

An hour of Tom Petty, in remembrance of how much he rocked when he was alive. We lost an incredible songwriter and musician this year, RIP Tom!!!!!

Playing just what I’ve been listening to recently, hope you enjoy! -Sarah

Played Cream, Janis Joplin, and Jefferson Airplane

Hi, it’s Sarah! This is Kitchen Sync and here is my show from Tuesday April 11th. It’s just a compilation of what I’ve been listening to this week. There’s some Stooges, Led Zeppelin, Buttertones, and more <3

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