Author: DJ Roseanne

This week I did a strange playlist of many genres.

The elevators in Smith always smell like spray paint. What’s up with that? Anyways, I made a playlist that was like 80% one thing and then something else at the end. Man, music is hard. Also: Turns out I was playing on shuffle! Sorry, guess ya just gotta listen to the whole thing to find […]

Hey yall, I did a show this week that contained angst. I decided on sort of teenage rock with angsty lyrics because I was sick and I was angry about it, dang it. This show featured some Waxahatchee, Dream Girl, Forth Wanderers, yadda yadda.

This week is very busy for me, but I managed to pull together a mondo good playlist for yall. 

Yesterday’s show contained a weird mix of stuff. It’s midterms, so I think I get a free pass. I had some Deerhoof, some Tobacco, some Dumbo Gets Mad. All good stuff. 

For her new show, Mom Jeans Of Your Dreams, DJ Roseanne played some psych rock, I guess.

  This week on Prozac For Cats, DJ Roseanne popped on one of her playlists for yall. It’s got some shoegaze, it’s got some jazzy stuff. Click the link below to listen.

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