Author: Miles Shattuck

What can we learn about ourselves by researching our family history? Communications manager, historian, and musician Robert Griner explains how a label from a bottle of Irish Creme liquor sent him on a journey to discover his family history. Robert explains how genealogical research has become quite easy in recent years and how doing this kind […]

Is the personal introduction a lost art? One important lesson I learned from my grandmother is to be inclusive of others. Over the years, I’ve noticed an opportunity for us to be more inclusive of other people. How? By introducing them to each other. In episode #8 I point you to a favorite short film […]

The world lost a rare and amazing talent on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. An elder statesman of rock with an iconic and unmistakable voice, Chris Cornell emerged from the Seattle grunge scene and was becoming one of those timeless artists that spanned generations. I’m pretty sure I was in shock this whole episode having just […]

We’re up to episode 6! This episode goes from healthy breakfast, to iconic apparel, to cover letters and more. I introduce you to one of my favorite bands, Bran Van 3000, and an amazing series of music compliantions from a Parisian restaurant called Buddha Bar. Listen through to the end to hear a special message […]

Did you know that college students today are being taught that Generation X is “the forgotten generation”? What a legacy. In this episode, I explain why, when it comes to job prospects and career advancement for Gen-X, “reality bites”. I propose a rebranding of Gen-X based not on the generation’s perceived lack of influence and […]

Hear my chat with SalesFirst Recruiting, Oregon co-founder Adam Morris as he shares how being stranded at a bus stop led to founding and running a successful business. Adam delivers a plethora of do’s and don’ts, stories, and quotes. He also offers a killer interview tip, a few key book recommendations for entrepreneurs, and a […]

Topics: Review of Retrospective of Band of the Day app from 2011-2015 The story behind the term “420”, excerpt from the Criminal podcast Uber is being sued for ‘predatory pricing’ Interview with Channel Marketing Director Matt Cisneros Music: On Time (featuring TuPhace) by Disco Biscuits Let the Good Time Roll Live from San Quentin […]

Topics: 1 – 10 Tricks to Influence People 2 – Five Steps to a Better College Paper 3 – Travel Tips 4 – Interview with Digital Media Specialist Josh Rein 5 – Book Recommendation: The Four Agreements Music from Kungs, Survivor, Morcheeba, Another Cynthia, Plastilina Mosh, and Acoustique Parfum Recorded at KPSU Portland’s College Radio […]

Topics: 1 – Joyfear, is it good, is it bad? turns out, it’s both 2 – How I focused through a major life change 3 – What is Radio iDeal Radio? 4 – Five Reasons I volunteered to be a KPSU DJ 5 – Impact Bias 6 – Why I listen to podcasts 7 – […]

Hey! This is my mentor session as a volunteer DJ. I shake the nerves off, explain the premise of the show, discover an Elvis Presley-themed bar planned for inner SE, and dedicate a song to mom. This is fun!

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