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I saw NAO this weekend and was inspired so play some groovyyyyyy tunes, enjoy!

It felt like the time for some lady harmonies. This type of music always takes me on a trip of nostalgia, and I kind of love it.

It’s the first day of May, and sun is in our future!!! Let’s dance in the sunshine and survive the next few weeks until SUMMER!

I have been really digging the song 9 by Willow ft. SZA lately. Figured I would make a show around the way it made me feel.

Some Jazzy tunes for ya.

It’s dead week 🙁 but we are still alive!

Thinking of all of you during dead week.

Technical Difficulties and some gooud music!

For when you need support from some sisters.

Yesterday was Obama’s last day in office as our President. I decided to make a goodbye Obama playlist as a final thanks for all that he has done.


Have a great radio time!

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