Author: Blazing Heart

Hermanos Gutiérrez released their latest single Amor Profundo on November 12, 2021. This lone track has a warm sweeping melody, steady galloping rhythm and haunting guitar that rings out as if into time itself. Each song from the two brothers comes as its own story, an invitation to sneak into the mysterious windy landscape of […]

Hughes Taylor’s 2021 album Modern Nostalgia, features many tracks that demonstrate his dynamic musical capabilities. Not only that, but each track recreates many of the rock classics of the past in Taylor’s own style. Wicked Woman, could be interpreted as a modern interpretation of Santana’s Black Magic Woman complete with the Latin tempo and leading […]

The Gloomies new 2021 album Let Me Know When It’s Over is just the gritty surf rock journey I was looking for. Featuring tracks like I Want To Get Out and Slow Change, the mood of this album strikes a true balance between hopeful and melancholic that is difficult to achieve. From their 2015 single […]

Feeling the psychedelic energy this week 👽

Covering for Satellite Radio tonight! We’ll be vibing to some 90’s dream pop <3

Inspired by that big beautiful lunar eclipse <3

feeling the heavy soul and jazz energy tonight <3

Tonight is for love <3

Tonight we share in the Samhain and Día de los Muertos festivities with a haunting and supernatural playlist to vibe to.

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