Author: A Bystrom

  Scary to hitchhike alone in unknown territory, though most pickups seem friendly, sharing expensive cigars at pit stops. By hook or by crook, I managed a way there, with front-facing army shimmering green pack, magenta rimmed false gold mirror sunglasses, and black back-facing pack weighing me down. Out of boredom, doodled all the vermilion […]

February 26, 2016

The Chemical Brothers released a new album! This week on Waveforms, I put together a mix of upbeat and chill tunes, finishing the set with The Chemical Brothers’ new album┬áBorn In The Echoes. It’s a hella good listen. Check it

This was my first broadcast of Waveforms at KPSU, and first attempt at working a real studio — The set itself was put together for Studying and easy listening, featuring a block of music by Boards of Canada at the beginning, followed by Tycho, Aphex Twin, El Ten Eleven, and others. All I can say […]

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