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Because rock is such a male-dominated genre, it’s sometimes easy to forget how many great female rockers there are. I’ve used the term before, and this playlist warrants its use again (and again and again): the women who make it in rock tend to be complete, awe-inspiring powerhouses. As you’re probably coming to expect from me, I’ve […]

As a self-proclaimed “Classic Rock Show,” sometimes I get the not-to-be ignored urge to go back to theroots of rock ‘n’ roll. I once had a professor that asserted that all (pre-60’s) roads in music lead to the Beatles, and all roads since the Beatles stem from them. Though that could be taken as an oversimplification, I […]

April 20, 2015

Total honesty? I used to hate live albums. The excessive clapping at the end of every song, the awkward cuts when the CD is on shuffle… but as my love of music has matured and transcended surface charm, delving into the actual craft of it — all the miniscule interworkings that create what is barely […]

Podcast number 3!

Podcast number two!

My first podcast! Technical difficulties meant that I didn’t actually start until 12 minutes in, but the music here is just as excellent as you’ve come to expect from Fighting Rose! *convincing wink* (Plus, these are a lot of my favorites, so obviously they’re amazeballs).

 […for now.] This playlist is meant to serve as another example of the great variability within the genre, though all these songs and artists share one factor: they rock. Starting next week I’ll be playing shows with some unifying theme or another for the rest of the (acedemic) year, but today (being whenever you so […]

From British-Invasioners that redefined the genre in the 1960s to Australian hard-rockers that have been going strong for multiple decades, classic rock has something to offer everyone. *Special Feature* of the day (y’all know how much I love anniversary tracks!) Billy Joel’s Piano Man debued on this day in 1974!

In honor of the 30th Anniversary of the Breakfast Club (released March 31, 1985) this is a playlist of great rock songs from the great soundtracks of great movies – all in my great (and obviously not-so-humble *wink*) opinion. Cheers!

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