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Part II, as promised! And early at that!

Halloween. You know it. You love it. Or your wrong. (obligatory “just kidding” goes here) But all joking aside – Halloween is the best. And Rock is the best. So when Rock turns spooky, what’s not to love? This is just Part One of Fighting Rose’s spin on Halloween – SO… more to come next […]

Over half the world’s population lives in an urban setting; hmm… maybe that’s why we have all these rock songs about the city! Tonight’s show is “loosely” based around a city theme, and I chose songs which either explicitly reference the city, or have a city vibe – my opinion of a city vibe, anyway. Good […]

Okay – so tonight’s show probably has the lowest classic rock/rock n’ roll concentration of any of Fighting Rose’s shows thus far. But there’s a good (in my opinion) reason for this; it’s running season in Portland! The Portland Marathon was last weekend (mad props to all you finishers), summer temps are finally cooling down […]

October 7, 2015

Hey y’all! Don’t let the cooler temps get you down this fall, because Fighting Rose is back!! That’s right – get excited. This week’s playlist is all about jumpin’ right back into it with some good ol’ rock n’ roll. You know how I do – I threw in some new, some old, along with a […]

So we’ve had Hairband Rock, we’ve had Southern Rock, and for the final part of my “Kick-Off to Summer Series” how better to fully get into the summer spirit than with songs specifically about the wonderful season itself! Now, the Fighting Rose that you’ve come to know and love is typically a classic rock show, […]

Hopefully wherever you are, whenever you listen to this, the sun is shining and the birds are singing, because Portland’s forcast as this is being broadcast isn’t quite the summer vibe I was going for. No matter – the music is enough to bring on that desired summer feeling; as Part 2 of my “Kick […]

    (This is my rendering of some hair-band-greats) Memorial Day Weekend! A time to honor those that have fought and fallen for our country; a time for parades and patriotism, BBQ’s, and family. And for the perfect BBQ playlist, look no further; today’s show is the music of Hair Bands – what I like to […]

So which of your favorites made the cut? This is usually the space where I’d explain the rational for this week’s playlist – but this is your list! I do have to say, however, that I’m quite proud to know so many people with such excellent taste in music; the participation from you as a […]

As good as the movies of the 1990’s were, let’s be real, the music was, well… Nonetheless, I was born in the ’90’s, so I felt this somewhat unexplainable responsiblity to scrape together the music of the decade that isn’t grundge-worthy, but will probably actually last into posterity and be classified as classic rock. And I don’t know about […]

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