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If you’ve been living in a cave for the last two years, you may be blissfully unaware of the current state of politics in America. Otherwise, you know what a cluster it is and you’ve probably seen if not been a part of the unrest that’s going around. Well, it all comes to a head […]

Classic Rock is great for everything – celebrating, cheering you up, gettin’ real deep with your emotions – it’s the soundtrack to it all. And that includes helping to usher in the new, the exciting, the unfamiliar. We’re always taking in new experiences, and at least for me, classic rock is a constant that can […]

Last year Fighting Rose had a two-part “Nightmare” playlist in the spirit of Halloween (go back a couple pages and give them a listen), and this year I’m offering up even more spooks and scares – in the form of songs inspired by horror movies. They’re all pretty self explanatory, and they might even inspire […]

“The original is better.” You’ve no doubt heard this from someone, and probably uttered it yourself, at some point in your life. And it often is the case that the original (be it a work of audio or visual art) is “better.” Whatever that means. I, myself, carry this opinion and yet I struggle to […]

October 1, 2016

DJ Stevie here, back in the studio after far too long! And to kick things off, your favorite classic rock radio host (there’s that wonderful modesty coming out again) has got a list of as-of-yet ‘untouched’ tracks on Fighting Rose. Most of these I would even go as far to say are underappreciated in the […]

All right y’all – now I know that you know by this point that I hold hairbands in way higher regard than I probably should, but I left that to last week’s show, and this week is all about preparing for summer in a big way – more southern rock! Southern Rock Part II, if […]

Alright y’all – so this week’s show is a lot of fun, and it’s about celebrating this deeply flawed, but still wonderful country we call home. I’m definitely jealous of all y’all that get to spend the holiday BBQing with your families. But I also want to make sure to say that Memorial Day has […]

Last year Fighting Rose explored the hits of that most-loved genre – ’80’s Hair Bands (whether you admit it or not, you love them). This year, we’re taking the power from their best rock tunes and putting in the phrase “power ballad.” That’s right. A non-stop hour of power ballads; let’s get sentimental y’all. You’re […]

As you know, Fighting Rose accepts any excuse to party. Actually, Fighting Rose maintains that one doesn’t need an excuse to party. Party your little classic-rock-loving hearts out at every opportunity! This week though, it’s taken up the task of providing the soundtrack to the birthday week of yours truly, DJ Stevie. Only the most rockin’ […]

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