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My two great loves are probably music and movies (okay, and food), so these soundtrack playlists are some of my favorites to put together. Most of the songs/soundtracks featured here are from films with big anniversaries this year, but a few of them I had to throw in because the soundtrack is just that good […]

March 2, 2017

Axl is touring with AC/DC, Journey has a scary-deceiving frontman that isn’t Steve Perry, what is this world coming to? Beyond bands with mega fan-bases and a die-hard mentalities who fill vacancies to keep playing the classics, plenty of rock bands went through frontman changes while making the hits – for reasons ranging to rifts within the […]

February 25, 2017

This is a very rad playlist. Several early hits from some very iconic rock groups. Stay tuned for Part II… (Note: Show starts 2:10 into the podcast.)

Like a lot of the country – I’m politically frustrated. Well, frustrated might be an understatement. And unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of constructive ways to express that anger, but I find these songs to be extremely helpful. I’m calling this Fighting Rose’s musical temper tantrum. (If anything good has come out of the current […]

It’s gettin’ steamy up in here tonight, y’all. And by steamy I mean all-out fire. These songs are hot. I’ve come to realize that I say “you’re welcome” to my listeners quite a lot – and in all the modesty that is Fighting Rose, I stand by that. So without a need for further explanation, for your […]

February 1, 2017

As much as we love “Smokin’ in the Boys Room” and “Paradise City” (and I say ‘we’ because if you don’t love those songs, you’re wrong) you can only listen to your playlist of the-best-of-hair-metal so many times before you wish you had something else to throw in with different lyrics but the same sentiment. […]

Whether you like it or not (country, that is) basically all current and classic rock has been influenced by country. All the pioneering rock n’ roll artists said it loud and proud, and you can pick it right out of the most iconic songs from the ‘Stones (Mick Jagger once told a reporter, “Keith has […]

The other day I accidently wrote “2012” on a check. (First of all, did I genuinely go back to the year 2012, because who writes checks anymore?) Needless to say, I’m a little behind, and not at all sure that I’m mentally prepared for a new year. Of course, I’m also not sad to be […]

Happy Holidays, y’all! It really seems like I was just compiling songs for Fighting Rose’s first holiday show, A Very Fighting Rose Christmas (check it out a couple of tabs back). But that’s already been a year ago! So I thought that the season called for another round of rockin’ Christmas tunes, and just like how we all […]

Before the election, Fighting Rose played a “protest” show that I thought reflected the rising unrest in the country. Now, after the election, I think that ‘unrest’ is a cute way to put it at best. And no one is angrier than millenials. So this week we’re screaming it at the top of our lungs […]

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