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This week! The Courtneys, Ovlov, Long Beard, and much more. I ate another solid burrito after this show. There will not be a show next week, but we’ll be back the week after. Thanks for following along with the show and checking it out. It’s a lot of fun to sit in the station and […]

This week, I was almost locked out of the building because of the holiday but found a way in because nothing stops the music. We had some old stuff, and we had some newer stuff, but it was all good stuff. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I was working, but today I got […]

This week, I played some Hovvdy since I just saw them and am still enjoying the good feels from it. Also played Beverly Tender who I’ve been listening to all week, some Shady Bug and a buncha other good stuff. Tune on in every Friday at 12pm pst here on, why don’t cha?

This week, it felt necessary to fall back on some classics that live deep down in the depths. Lungfish started us off right, and we kept going with other murky favorites such as Silkworm and Palm. We also played two songs from Hovvdy, who are playing at Mississippi Studios on Thursday. Listen live to the […]

This week on The Murky Depths, we played two songs from Lazy Legs off their upcoming album Moth Mother and also highlighted songs from other new albums by Molly Drag, Long Beard, Lilith, and Water From Your Eyes. As always, we also dug deeper into the depths for some older albums and came up with […]

This week down in the murky depths, we played some favorites including Alien Boy, Strange Ranger, Washer, and Bethlehem Steel, who is playing at the Liquor Store on Tuesday. We also played a song from Boring’s new EP, Indulge Yourself. Thanks for joining us as we listen to bands who deserve to be heard more. […]

First show in The Murky Depths! Still figuring out what it is and where to go with it, but thanks for checking it out. Tune in Fridays at 12pm to hear bands who deserve to be heard more.

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