Author: nyx hall

starting off with some 80s vibes, switching gears to lcd soundsystem for a bit, a bit of chill vibes, and capping it off with some nice nostalgic EDM tracks that i love. playlist is below as always!

had some tech issues today, but was able to play a bit of music for my last few minutes! what i managed to play with be listed below.

filling in for Good Moon Radio tonight, played some bangers! playlist below as always.

one 80s song then 12 drum and bass tracks in a row. …yeah, i was in a mood today. hope you enjoyed! playlist below as always~

i got on the radio, i played some music, you can see what it was below! hope y’all have a good weekend.

another week, another show! list below as always. and thanks to my lovely girlfriend for turning me onto one of today’s albums.

filling in for Ned today as well as my usual time slot. just chillin’ and playing a couple of my favourite albums. list below as always. enjoy!

filling in for Hues with Lacey today! got a fun little all over the place

we’re back! new term, new time! was running pretty tight today, so things got off to a rocky start, but had a fun first show of the term, and can’t wait to see what else it brings! gonna be trying to do a lot more stuff live, so we’ll see how that goes too! thinking […]

back after a week of absence! tonight’s playlist is called “an inexplicable rush of feelings.” mostly because that’s what it gives me. playlist down below as usual! enjoy!

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