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Today, Tobin and Gabe tested out the mobile system using a channel of the KPSU motherboard. (You: Holy sheeit, that’s going to be awesome!) Totally. Meanwhile, the door was wide open on Tobin’s standard-PLSPDX (Wednesdays 1PM), so… Matt Foley and I (Dovin) hijacked the podcast, continuing our discussion of what the term “crawfishing” means, while […]

PDX Fusion is presenting our second event themed around ‘Dreams’ MARCH 1st @ The Refuge Join us in a celebration of different modalities of expression. We will bring together the finest in Portland’s art, music, science and performance nexuses to create a truly memorable “dream”-themed night, headlined by Birds of Paradise. Click here for more […]


September 29, 2012

live right now! Tune in for a live in-studio session with ninja turtle ninja tiger on Live Friday

What’s up Ya’ll! It’s Pledge Drive WEEK WOOO! Today on live fridays I’ll be hosting SPOREGANIC! Tune in at 5pm!

I recently stumbled on Portland’s record label for all things electronic, Dropping Gems. Built originally by a few college students in Bellingham as more of a blog, DP has gained international attention. They are quite possibly more viral that a You-Tube video of kittens playing in a box. There newest release is the 17th edition […]

Blue Skies For Black Hearts are playing Live Fridays this week! tune in at 5pm for some delicious in-studio action.

Call in to win tickets to this event!!!! 503-725-5945 **VAGABOND OPERA AT THE SECRET SOCIETY JUNE 24th** Portland Oregon’s own Bohemian Eastern-Euro Cabaret ensemble Vagabond Opera presents their ONLY show of the summer in Portland! Vagabond Opera is described by the Washington Post as “A band of ceaseless charisma, boundless energy, impeccable musicianship and more […]

yup it’s going to be the show of the year. Go check out this eclectic event on us, you wonderful KPSU listeners you! We’ll be hosting an On-Air ticket give away all week so tune in and call 5037255945 during our hosted hours and win yourselves a pair of tickets! This show is presented by […]

That’s right my babies, [b]Yelle[/b] is performing In-Studio today on their US Tour. AND we’re gonna hold that recording tight until Friday. However you can catch em tonight at the Wonder Ballroom if you can hold your french dancing necessities back. Tune in at at 5pm on Friday for what will surely be one […]

[b]Menomena at the Doug Fir[/b] by Ian Uponen On May 2nd, 2011, at 8 PM I went to a show at the Doug Fir featuring Menomena and opening acts Hosannas and EMA. The atmosphere was enticing, packed with genuine music fans and critics alike, all there to hear the sonic artistry of some of Portland’s […]

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