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Touring bands Blue Eyed Lucy and Wallburds, both from California, performed live in the KPSU studio.

Seattle band The Adarna perform

Acoustic Resonance performs. Beautiful acoustic/folk/soul/fingerpicking music.

Stephanie Scelza band newly dubbed “The Shelter” perform in-studio.

LA folk/gypsy-rock band Evangenitals perform. Full album available at   Podcast here:  

Dark Bit moody, little experimental, lots of indie rocking goodness to be had. Bike Thief performance in the KPSU studio was lots of fun!

Today, Tobin and Gabe tested out the mobile system using a channel of the KPSU motherboard. (You: Holy sheeit, that’s going to be awesome!) Totally. Meanwhile, the door was wide open on Tobin’s standard-PLSPDX (Wednesdays 1PM), so… Matt Foley and I (Dovin) hijacked the podcast, continuing our discussion of what the term “crawfishing” means, while […]

PDX Fusion is presenting our second event themed around ‘Dreams’ MARCH 1st @ The Refuge Join us in a celebration of different modalities of expression. We will bring together the finest in Portland’s art, music, science and performance nexuses to create a truly memorable “dream”-themed night, headlined by Birds of Paradise. Click here for more […]


September 29, 2012

live right now! Tune in for a live in-studio session with ninja turtle ninja tiger on Live Friday

What’s up Ya’ll! It’s Pledge Drive WEEK WOOO! Today on live fridays I’ll be hosting SPOREGANIC! Tune in at 5pm!