Author: Johnny Red

Though I am off for the summer from my radio show, I wanted to share with you, my friends, a book that I’ve been enjoying thoroughly. Stick around, I promise it’s music related. Now I’ve never met Dave Holmes in real life. In fact, I’ve never been in the same as him to my knowledge. […]

I’m closing out the term with a selection of terms from the different parties I’ve djed. Whether it was a bingo backing soundtrack, the birthday that would never end, or a dance party featuring way too much day glo and moon bounce shoes, I always bring my thoughtful A-game. These are a few selections from […]

Head off to your Memorial Day weekend with a bevy of slow jam and love songs to get you through that family barbecue you never really wanted to attend in the first place. Next week’s show is the last of the term, just so you know!

This week, we’re discovering some new versions of some old favorites. Whether Erasure is covering Abba or I’m playing the whole theme from Friends (sounds like a secret verse right?), I’ll never steer you wrong on the classics.

Besides for soulless gentrification, there’s one thing all Portlanders can agree on. Food cart pods are wicked amazing. At any pod, you could conceivably bounce from donuts to Asian fusion to Lebanese sambousiks to cheeseburgers. Why should your tongue be the only muscle in your body to be rewarded? What about your musical muscle? While […]

While gearing up to host an 80s/90s dance on 5/16, I put together this hour of 90s alt pop with just a touch of disco, because it reminded me so much of the 90s. If you’re wondering what my favorite 90s song is, it’s definitely Breakfast at Tiffanys (ironically not a fan of the movie […]

Today’s probably the day you’re going to sing along more than dance. Just so you’re aware. Also, I do my weekly news segment and I have opinions on Dave Franco’s role in Neighbors 2.

Exhausted by midterms? How about a nice rock and Broadway singalong hour for your ear-based pleasure?

The passing of Prince might make it hard for you to concentrate or feel much joy today, but Prince was definitely one to believe in joy, love and peace and so let’s take a moment to listen to just a few of the vast zillion numbers of people he inspired.

Today we start with the most recent divalicious earworm- “Hello” by Adele and end with a favorite of most from The Sound of Music. Hard to believe earworms go back that far, am I right?

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